Dollhouse (1D Fan Fiction)

Contains: Sexual contact, Language, Death, Demons, Vampires, ect. Gay contact. Any time of contact anyway... So made for ages: 16 to 25+


34. Plan a death

Felis POV

How dare my own son does this to me and be unfaithful to his future wife, she has travelled all this way 2 weeks beofre the wedding to get to know him and this is how he thanks her by having sex with a human and using his first bite on her.

No words can describe how disappointed i am with him at the moment.

Louisa just cant believe it nor can i, Louis is the next Dracula king after me and this is how he is to show everyone that he cares about Jensaona. This one day will be the city he must rule along side with Lady Eleanor and instead he goes with a human.

Im going to find out who this girl is and bring her here along with Louis and that ghost boy Liam and when i do Liam will be out in the first sunrise and die infront of everyone... and that girl will be killed where she stands!


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