Dollhouse (1D Fan Fiction)

Contains: Sexual contact, Language, Death, Demons, Vampires, ect. Gay contact. Any time of contact anyway... So made for ages: 16 to 25+


31. How much we love you


When the boys got home, Felicia was gone and all who was left was Isla sat on the sofa. Louis looked around for her and deicided to gave up when Isla said she went home so she dont get into trouble with her mother.While Isla was watching TV Liam needed her, he reached for the remote and turned the TV off.

Isla's face was shocked like a little child who had something taken off them, Isla looked up at him not knowing where he was because he was still invisable and gave him that disappointed look. Then all the sudden she felt being lifted and it was from Louis, what the hell was going on? It wasnt until Louis whispered in her ear walking up to her bedroom.

"We are gonna show you how much we love you"

Isla knew what was going to happen to her and thats what make her life at the moment fun and exiting. Louis was strong and carrying Isla all the way up to her bedroom was hot, who ever thought that in a week they could fall hopelessly in love with each other? But this was different then the first time round, Louis was forced, Liam didnt fuck Louis' ass. It was completely different.

They both loved her like there days there was there last together, this wasnt known as rape anymore instead according to the boys it was 'making love' to the most beautiful person ever.

Who ever thought there life would be like this by getting told to haunt a certain girl?

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