The Nurse

.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end? ...............

A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events.

Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


73. Lucky

Rebeca's POV:


“Are you here for the show, Car?” Please say you aren’t! Please! “No, (I jump deep down and I try not to scream in victory.) I just came by to see you mate; Oh and to invite you to my fashion show tomorrow; well now that I know Rebeca, you should both come!” Ugh! The nerve on that girl makes me want to rip her hair! She’s a model!? Ha-ha! No wonder she’s that pretty! Is her nose even real?

“(I shook her hand and smiled.) WE will be there.” I emphasized on the We just to make sure that I won’t let Harry be alone with her; Harry squeezed my waist a little in his hold, and I know what that meant. “Can’t wait to see you two! Bye! (She leans to kiss his cheek, and that was when I tried not to punch her face for touching him!) It’s nice to see you beautiful Rebeca.” Can I just die from happiness that the perfect model just left the room? Finally!

I groaned so loud and Harry sighed looking at me and shaking his head slowly. “Baby, why did you act like that?” As if you don’t know Mr.! I flunked myself on the couch and Harry sat down slowly beside me, while his eyes pierced in mine. “You want to play the whole pretend- I- don’t- know game right now Harry? Did you see how she was all over you with her fantastic figure and perfect English posh accent! (He smirked as I proceeded yelling.) Honestly I mean, didn’t you make it clear that I am you girlfriend! And to top that she kissed your cheek?! What is she Bionic Woman!?” Harry couldn’t control himself anymore, he crossed his hands over his tummy and squeezed as his loud husky laughs escaped him mouth; why is he laughing!?

I smacked his arm, and he kept chuckling.
 “(He slowed his laughs and looked at me in warmth.) Hahahahah this is the first time I see you jealous! Hahahahah! Baby you’re so cute when your face gets red and your lips are pouty like that! Hahahahah!” I blushed deeply and smiled as I cooled off to the sound of Harry’s childish chuckles; well it’s true this is my first time I get bubbled up from jealousy.“Come here (he patted on his laps and I shifted my seat to them, as he placed his hands over my waist.) Cara is nothing to me other than a good friend, that’s it. You know that I love you and only you, right?” I sighed and he kissed my nose temple softly.

“Besides, we already have plans for tomorrow? You like fashion don’t you, angel? (I nodded as my head was pointing down.) Do you believe me when I say that it’s only you and nobody else?” I didn’t reply, well after what I saw it’s hard to say yes! “(He tilted my chin so that his green jewels stroke my own icy blue pair.) Do you want me to prove it?” I giggled lightly and nodded; let’s see how he will prove it. “(He gave me a playful look and smiled.) Deal! Expect it anytime then.” He kissed me slowly as I felt a tingle come from between Harry’s legs; as much as I was turned on like him, I blushed and stopped the kiss; he groaned and I laughed.

“After the concert, alright?” He licked his lips in a lustful way, and nodded as he asked for something breathlessly: “One more please…” I laughed as he leaned forward to kiss me strongly, but then someone yelled from behind us: “For god’s sake if you’re both going to shag, wait till you’re back at the hotel!” We both giggled and I we broke the kiss, as it was Liam who whined.

“Mate, we need to go it’s time. Becky darling, Sophia and Angie are waiting for you on the side stage corner; come with me.” I stood up from Harry’s lap and he laced our hands together, as we followed Liam. I can’t believe that this is happening, me, Rebeca Anne Lane, the average American nerdy girl nurse; is dating one of the most revolutionary and famous guy in this globe. “Wish me luck!” Harry smiled and kissed my forehead. “I know you’ll be fantastic honey.” He smiled and left with Liam, while I and my two friends stood their cheering for our men. I’m still wondering though, how will Harry prove it to me? And when? Ugh never mind, I know he loves me and no one else.

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