The Nurse

.............. Days are passing with time, but not for our beloved Harry Styles... He's stuck in a rigid room, lying in one position at all times. What might be the change to this system, and will the human statue of Harry move or will it stay still in the end? ...............

A new story line, with a massive intellectual reflection of romance, drama, and thrilling events.

Quote: Rebeca: " You are a good listener aren't you? I would pay anything to hear you talk instead of me for once..."


43. Knock, Knock

…. The Next Day ….

Rebeca's POV:

I woke up to the alarm tone pounding my ears. I really didn’t feel like going to work at all, I just wish that I can stay here sleeping in my comfortable new room. I sighed since this was an obvious loss case, and walked in to the bathroom to shower, and change for work. Suddenly, while I was showering; I heard my bathroom door open! Thank goodness the shower curtain was covering my exposed boy; but seriously why would anyone enter my bathroom?!

“Who’s in here?!” I creaked my voice, and I heard that famous chuckle of the only man I desire the most. “(I whined.) Harry why are in here?!” He laughed louder, and spoke: “I felt like going in here, instead of my own bathroom. Why did you have to put the curtains on?” He groaned and I honestly couldn’t control my laughter; I just broke down and seconds later he joined the laugh.

“I’ll wait for you in my room.” He spoke, and I responded: “Alright.” He replied: “I’m leaving.” I maintained my laughter and replied: “Okay.” He answered: “I’m going now.” I cracked another laugh as I heard him chuckle and leave the bathroom. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I have the cutest boyfriend; and I really thank God everyday for blessing me with his presence in my life.

I went out of the bathroom and dried myself off, as I started preparing myself for my hospital duty. I finished dressing up (, and I stepped out of my room to go to Harry’s; I needed to check on him before I left. Even though he has recovered, I always have this inner worry that he might retreat again in his health.
 “Knock, knock.” I smiled and spoke once I entered, his toned chest was bare, and those loosen sweats were perfectly capturing his V- cut curves, perfectly from each side.

I walked to his bed, but he tackled me in his arms and started planting kisses all over my face.
 “Harry! I’m going to be late! (He kept kissing me and giggling, and it made my heart melt from his lovable action.) Baby, I really need to go! Hehe.” He stopped and fake pouted, I leaned down and kissed his pouty lips; and I could have swore that I felt his smile draw itself during our connection.“When will you be back?” He asked as he stood up and held me in his arms in a tender embrace. “I’ll be here at 3:00, why babe?” He smiled and replied to me: “I thought we could take lunch somewhere other than here for a change?”

I ruffled his curls in my hand and he closed his eyes as his grin shined; something that not everyone knows about Harry: he really enjoys someone fiddling with his hair. “Alright, sure! But Harry please no driving for you ok?” His green pearls looked in my crystal blue pair, and he nodded his head after kissing my forehead. “I’ll pass by you and pick you up.”He spoke, while I left a soft kiss on his cheek; and went down to head to work.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Miss Lane?” I giggled and turned my head as I saw him looking at me from up the stair case. “Enlighten me, Mr. Styles?” I lifted one eyebrow playfully and he hummed a sentence I could never get tired of hearing: “I love you baby.” I smiled and replied warmly: “I love you more. (I blew him a kiss, and he pretended to catch it and put it in his pocket.)” I swear I could really say that no one could lighten up my world like Harry could. Bernie, whose Harry’s driver, opened the door for me and took off in driving me to the hospital. I really can’t wait to see Angela; I miss her since I had been having more time with my boy toy than anyone else.

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