Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


9. Chapter 9

I managed to catch the next bus back to my village. I strolled down the path, my house in view. 
I stuffed my hands in my coat pockets kicking the few stones as I shuffled down my path. 
The wind whipped my face, my cheeks freezing up, I pulled my hood up and over my head, pulling it around my cheeks to keep the warmth in. 
I heard a car rev behind me so the pace I walked at fastened. 
"Carmen" The voice I really didn't want to hear spoke from the revving car.  I stopped in my steps. I pulled my hood down and glared at the beautiful face that peered out of the dark tinted windows. "Harry I really don't want to talk to you right now" I groaned. He pulled the car to a halt. "Carmen please, get in the car" He sighed. I couldn't ignore him,  his face slightly lit up as I huffed loudly and walked round to the passenger side of his car, climbing in without looking at him."I didn't want you to take the bus, there dangerous" He grunted, I shook my head. "Harry, you don't have to be so protective over me" I sighed, leaning my head against the window , I blinked my blue eyes and kept them shut while I sighed loudly. "I know it's just that I..I" He began to say."What Harry?" I panted slightly. I looked at him and watched his puckered lips part and close again. "What?" I shot to him. He carried on to stutter. "I'm fucking done" I growled. I opened the door and and climbed out, slamming the door behind me and fighting the wind, strutting down the path toward my house. "Fuck sake Carmen" Harry growled, I felt a large hand wrap around my wrist, I was pulled and whipped around, I saw Harrys face for about a second before Harrys lips were smashed full-heartledly onto mine. 
I wanted to fight him but I couldn't find the urge too. At first Harrys large hands were clamped at my cheeks, holding my head still, but they soon waved down my body and wrapped around my waist, his gentle touch sent shivers through me. My arms started down by my side, but I gave up rejecting the kiss and my hands wandered there way around Harrys neck, Pulling both of  our already heated bodies closer then we already were. 

Our lips moved in pure sync, our heads rising and dipping the deeper our lips performed. Harrys tongue lightly stroked my bottom lip asking for entrance, I didn't hesitate to allow the muscle into my mouth, sliding and brushing against my tongue. 
We both pulled back after a moan slipped my mouth, I felt so embarrassed.  "Well that's what I like to hear" Harry panted quietly, his lips were puffy and pink, I'm guessing mine reflected the image. I shook away his last comment. "Would you like to come inside?" I asked him, my blue eyes meeting his green orbs. "Yes I'd like that very much" He grinned, our arms pulled away from each other yet our hands linked together closer as we wandered up to my gate, entering the garden then my house.

"Hey Mum? Harrys here" I called as I swung the front door open, I thought I'd better tell her he's here, considering how much she likes him already. "Oooohhh Harryyy" Mum squealed entering the fist hall area , she greeted Harry with open arms. "Hello Ms Porter" Harry smiled. 
"Oh please! Call me Kate!" She beamed. I gestured my head to the stairs letting him know that he has to follow me. "I made some lovely ginger bread men today you two, you should try one!" My Mum grinned. I sighed as Harrys politeness took over and Physically pulled me in our kitchen. 

"Cor Kate! It smells so good in here" Harry breathed as we entered the room. The smell of cooked delicious baked cookies roamed around my nose. "Try one" Mum held a tray in front of us, 12man shaped ginger cookies sat on it. I watched Harry take a cookie from the tray and lift it to his lips, he parted his lips and crunched down onto the cookie. I watched his jaw move as he crunched and chewed it down. He ran a hands through his dark curls as he swallowed the cookie down. "Mmmmm! So nice" Harry grinned, My mum seemed to like his reaction. "Thankyou Harry" She smiled flicking her brown hair vet her shoulders. 

After We had more of mums cookies me and Harry headed upstairs. "Race you up" I raised an eye brow to Harry a we stood at the bottom. Harry smirked. I turned and ran up, a few steps in front of Harry. I ran up to the landing smacking my room door open. "I beat you" I giggled as Harry stood in front of me. "Whatever"  He ran a hand though his hair. We stood inches away from each other, "you look hot today Carms...." He whispered, his fingers pinched together a small amount of my top from my shoulder. I looked at his fingers then back at his dilated pupils. "You'd look even better with them off" He winked, his winks sent shivers through me. "Harry I...." I quivered, my lower lip shivering. "Yes baby?" He said, his choice of words setting off fireworks in my stomach. "I've never done anything  with a guy b-before" I stuttered. Harry lifted his hand to my face and stroked my bottom lip with the pad of his thumb. "Let me make you happy?" He whispered tilting his head . I nodded as he brushed his lips softly against mine nibbling at my bottom lip. I wangled my hands so they set on his shoulders. Harry's hands ventured down my back, he held me by my behind, cupping my cheeks tightly. 

Our kiss became more passionate and rough as We both walked over to my bed, not breaking contact. I felt so scared but yet I trusted Harry so much? 

Harry gently laid me back in the bed, his elbows propping him up above me, he hovered over me, our chest panting as we dipped and rose into the sexual kissed. "Don't be nervous Clumsy" He breathed, the first name he had called me made me chill. "I'm not" I lied. He tilted his head and chuckled silently. "Don't lie, I won't judge you" He reassured me. "Okay, i am" I said honestly. He bent down and w continued our steamy kiss. I felt two hands grab each of my legs, pulling them up next to Harry body, his body now laying fully on top of me, my legs propped up like a women giving birth with him in the middle.

 My bottoms were invaded with his right hand, his left occupied by holding my waist.  "Harry I'm not sure" I whimpered feeling weak. "I can stop if you want?" He looked at me, he was so beautiful.  I shook my head. "You sure?" He asked. "Yes" He smiled and lowered his head to my neck, I felt his softies kiss me on my collar bone, it felt strangely good. He suckled on my neck, nipping it now and then, I felt a hand enter my panties, then ticked against me, two fingers rubbed on circles. "Arh" I breathed in a moan, I felt Harry smile against the kiss on my neck. The same two fingers entered me slowly, it was slightly uncomfortable, but the feeling if pleasure kicked in and he pulled them out of me and back Into me. 

"How do you feel?" Harry said watching me change into a oversized tee and sweats. "Slightly strange I guess" I half smiled, pulling the sweat up my small legs. "But..." I stopped, Harrys head snapped to my direction. "But what?" He said. "I feel like I should, like I should make you feel happy?" I said, slightly embarrassed I looked at the floor. I felt a finger lifting chin up, I met Harrys mesmerising eyes again. "As much as Id like that Carms....I think we should wait yeah?" He said, hotness flew through me as well as relief. I nodded. "Yeah, we should" I smiled. 
"Well I'm going to go, I will text you later" He said. I nodded as he wrapped his muscly arms around me. "Bye" I said, my head at his chest. I looked up at his perfectness and kissed his lips softly. 

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