Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


7. Chapter 7

As soon as the girls left I quickly changed into a pair of leggings and a white and black jersey. I pulled my hair back into a high pony-tail and brightened my eyes with some eye liner and mascara. 

"Carmen? Harrys here love, his cars outside" My mums voice called up the stairs. "I'm coming" I called, I grabbed my phone, keys and purse before hopping Down the stairs. "See you later Mum" I called. I closed the front door and hopped across the road towards the large black range rover. 

I opened the door and slid in to the car. "Hey" I smiled To Harry. He gave me a smile and leant across the car. "Hey Carmen" He whispered, I watched his lips part as he spoke, he leant  further and I sat still while he planted a small soft kiss on my cheek making me blush. He winked and sat up straight in his seat wearing his normal black skinnies black tee and brown boots. "You look amazing today" He smiled, I thanked him. Before he continued to drive.

 "Here are your shoes, have fun" The counter lady said  passing both me and Harry our bowling shoes. "Im so going to beat you" I said to Harry, tying the laces. He chuckled and rolled his eyes. "You wish" He huffed standing up as taking the first blue ball on the railing. "You watch" He winked to me, I laughed and stood up, admiring the sight of Harrys muscles flexing as he pulled his arm back with the ball. With a bit of foot work he threw his arm forward letting g go of the ball. He turned around walking back towards me. I watched the ball travel down the middle of the alley. I stood up as he turned back around to watch the ball knock all but 2 pins down. 
I threw my head back in laughter as Harry cursed. "Fuck" He threw his fists to his sides. He walked towards me pouting, I strutted towards him dancing as I walked pointing my middle fingers at him. "Oh shut up" He grunted. I pointed in his face as he held me back by playing his hands at my hips. "I'm so going to win" I laughed. He clutched me and pulled me close to him so our chests were touching. "If I win, what my prize?" He raised his eye brows at me, his breath tickled me. "I'm nobody's trophy" I winked, pulling out of his gentle touch and grabbing the orange ball that waited on the machine. I heard Harry tutt as I found the holes that I set my 3 fingers in. I stood at the beginning of the track and pulled my arm back, I stepped forward and threw my arm towards the track, letting go of the ball it flew lastly down the alley. I stood still watching it hit the pins. I gasped as the last 2 wobbled then froze. "Your kidding me" I groaned, Harry laughed a beautiful laugh, I've never heard him laugh such a wonderful way. I pouted largely. "Awe baby" Harry said walking towards me. I put my hands over my face. Until Harrys hands wrapped around my wrists and pulled them down. "Better luck next time" He whispered. I took a step closer to him, our noses brushed against each other. His hands ventured around my back and I placed mine against his chest. I closed my blue eyes and I felt Harrys hand brush a strand of hair away from my face before our lips met, it was a quick sweet kiss, and as we broke  we hugged tightly. 
"Fuck this soppy shit, I'm going to win this" He winked to me, I laughed and watched him take his next goes. 

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