Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


6. Chapter 6

As soon as we left the restaurant we both moved quickly to Harrys car and got in. We both sat there, panting. "Harry, why did you hit him?" I eventually sighed. He gripped hardly onto the wheel. "Did you hear what he was saying about you?" He growled. I nodded. "Yes, but hitting him isn't getting you anywhere" I stated to him. He hung his head low. "It sure shuts him up though" He grinned, I tried to hide the smirk that forced its way through. "Okay, but there are other ways to work through these situations, we will have to work through your little..." I looked at him. "My little what?" He asked. "Anger problem" I said bravely. He punched the wheel hard, making me jump. He was scaring me. "Please stop..." I whimpered. He looked up at me, "Am I scaring you?" He asked, reading my mind, I refused to let him know I was scared. "N-no" I stuttered. He sighed and didn't say a word while he started the car. "Thanks for a peaceful night" I said in a sarcastic voice as we parked outside my house. Harry nodded. "Bye" He grunted . "Yeah, bye" I said quietly. Harry's eyes were attached to the road in front of him. "Will I see you tomorrow?" I asked, opening the door. "Busy" He grumbled. "Sunday?" I asked again. He sighed. "Im busy, goodbye" He muttered and leaned over the passenger seat, just as I thought he was going to hug me or maybe even kiss me, he guided me out of his car and slammed the door shut behind me, he drove off in seconds. Leaving me standing in the sidewalk. "Yeah, bye" I breathed in, turning on my heels and clambering up to the house. "I'm home" I called as I walked through the front door. "Hello love, the girls had to go but they want you to contact them" My Mum appeared on my right. I pulled off my wedges, my feet felt free as they escaped the squishy shoes "Oh okay" I muttered. I hung my bag up on the stair bannister, taking my phone out of it. "Did you have a nice night dear?" Mum asked me, still standing in the door frame. I have her a slight nod. "Wasn't too bad" I weakly smiled, I kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Goodnight Mum" I smiled. I skipped up the stairs and straight in to my bedroom. It didn't take me long to pull my legs out of my tights and pull the tight dress up and over my head and shoulders. I grabbed an oversized tee and slipped it on before pulling my bra out from under Neath the shirt. I slipped under my sheets, my head collapsing further into my pillow. My phone bleeped. How did it go? X. -Beth Need the details.....?X. -Ellen I squinted at the light from the phone compared to the darkness of my room. It went okay until Harry hit the waiter that was hitting on me and pretty much shoved me out of his car at the bd of the night, I'll tell you about it tomorrow x. -Carmen I sent it too the both of them and licked my phone, putting it on charge and placing it gentler beside my head. ------Next Day------- "So, let me get this straight....he literally shoved you out of his car?" Beth wide eyed me as we sat cross legged on my bed. I nodded. "....and denied your hints for another date?" Ellen asked, "yeah you can say that" I shrugged. "Why do you like this guy so much?" Ellen squinted to me, blinking hard. "Don't even ask.....every time he's a dick to me, the more I want from him, he's toxic" I shook my head, I couldn't help but want to be with him more. It was a feeling I couldn't control. "So, What are you going to do?" Beth asked. I just shook my head and shrugged, because I really have no idea. I saw the light of my phone flicker and the noise seconds later. I pulled the charger out of the phone and sat up straight. I instantly opened the message I received. Hi, I want to apologise or my actions last night, I do suffer from mood swings, I'm not a very nice guy, with serious problems, I am free today if you would like to do something? Let me know, Harry x A smile crept upon my face. "What isn't?" Beth asked grabbing my phone from my hands. "Bethhh" I groaned, snatching it back. "Ooo he wants you! I knew he couldn't resist!" Ellen poked her hands in the air. I chuckled. I text him back. It's okay, I understand, but we can work things out if your willing to try like I am? Later...yeah! I fancy a cheeky bit of bowling...you? X -Carms It wasn't long before another text came through. Bowling? Sounds great! Pick you up in 10!x-Harry I looked up at the girls. "You need to go"
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