Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


5. Chapter 5

The sky was dark, so the only thing I could see outside the window of the fast moving car, was the dark outlines of tree's and houses we passed.

"Harry?" "I said, making an brave attempt to get his attention.
He inhaled loudly, "Yes, Carmen?" He said, exhaling as he spoke.
"Why did you ask me out, if you hate me so much?" I said, holding my hands together on my lap, I wiggled uncomfortably. I heard him chuckle lightly, "I never said I hate you" He slipped. 
"Well....it sure looks like you do" I looked at him, he tried to keep his eyes on the road, every now and them I caught a flash of green, from his large orbs. "I don't hate you, I just dont like you very much" I shook my head smally in his response that he said so simply, like it didnt bother him, what he was saying. "Alright then" I grumbled in return.

Before I knew it the car came to a slower pace and Harry eventually pulled into a area where he halted the car. I un-belted myself and we both left the car. I looked at the bungalow long building in front of me. 

It was a lit up restaurant, the trees that sat shortly outside blinked with white lights. I read the name. "The Dragon Ball" I whispered, looking at the large letters hanging above the doors. "You coming?" Harry snapped me back into my unfortunate reality. "Oh, yeah" I stuttered, he walked slightly ahead of me and I dragged my heels along behind him. 

Even a view from the back of him is gobsmacking. 

We reached the door were a small counter stood, with a handsome young waiter stood beside it. "I booked a table for two here" Harry said, with no expression what so ever.                          "What's the table name sir?" The waiters eyes went to me, then Harry, and surprisingly, back to me. He gave me a small gentle smile, I returned it. Harry rolled his eyes back, and glared at the waiter. What is up with him?

"When you've quite finished?" Harry interrupted the smile we shared. I laughed inside silently. The waiter glanced back at Harry."Styles, the table is under Styles" Harry said with a false, yet attractive smile on. "Yes, the far left sir" He said, bowing his head to Harry, Who seemed to like the gesture. Harry strided past him. "Ma'am"The waiter smiled again. I  gave him one back. Harry looked right at me and shook his head. "What?"I mouthed and shrugged at him, He turned and walked over to the cute table in the corner. 

The table was round and small, containing a candle and a beautiful rose in the middle. Harry pulled a chair out for me. "Very gentlemanly" I smiled to him, he once again rolled his eyes, "I'm trying" He chuckled, I sat in the chair, "I must say, you are looking fuckable tonight" A hot breath tickled my ear. I think I blushed tomato red. I hid my face as he walked around the table, he sat down and pulled his chair closer to the table, I felt a leg against mine,then a hand on my knee. "Harry, not here!" I cursed him through my teeth quietly. He winked at me and slid his hand higher up my leg. I whipped my head around the room, an elderly couple chatting opposite us, they were sure to notice.

I pushed my hand under the table and smacked his warm hand away. "I know your new to this kinda thing, but people don't do this in public!" I said again to him. He just chuckled, "This is my Harrys Styles touch to dating" He winked. Did he just say dating?

I pretended to ignore the fact he said it,but my stomach was going nuts.

Harrys hand was still clutch onto my thigh when the same waiter walked over. "Eurg...not him"Harry grunted as we caught him heading this way. I looked in the waiters direction. "Jesus Carmen, look at me not him,please baby" Harry said quietly but sternly. My spine shivered in a pleasurable way at his choice of words. I looked at Harry and kept looking at him whilst the waiter hovered over our table.Harry slipped his hand under the hem of my dress making me squirm in my seat, even though my eyes were still latched on his gorgeous face. "What can I get for you both?" The waiter said. "Babe, what would you like?" Harry looked at me, his eyes made me weak at my knees, and the words he was calling me, made my heart melt. He's still an arse though.


Our food was ordered and we ate and chatted, hes doing a good job so far. "I never asked how old you were?" Harry lookedup from his empty plate to me. "Well, i asked you" I winked, "Im 19" He nodded, "Good age" He smiled, his smile was unbearable. "Lets go" He said standing up,he placed the bill on the table. I stood up and pulled my dress down slightly. "Damn your arse in that Though" He sighed, shaking his head. I laughed and pulled closely behind him. I felt a large hand slip into my spare hand."Aw, you are ding a good job" I whispered to him, he cross eyed me."Don't push it" He groaned.

We waked out the entrance. "Thankyou!" I said to the waiter that stood at the front counter. He winked at me, "Your welcome baby" He grinned a slightly scary grin. Harry stopped, turning around to face the waiter, I gripped onto Harry's arm and hand tightly. "What did you just call her?" Harry spat, his face was like stone. "Harry please"  I winced to him in his ear. I stood directly behind him, my chest touching hi back, my arms tangled around one of his."Carmen, let go" He said through his teeth."I called her baby didn't I, shes a hot one mate, I'd take her right here" The waiter surprisingly said. Being the friendly kind of girl I am, I would have kept hold of Harry, but instead I let him go. "Harry dont be stupid though" I whimpered. He grunted."Don't talk to her like that" He threatened. I shook my head at the statement he completley ignored. He strided up to the waiter, not thinking twice he raised and flew his fist at his face knocking him over. "Harry!" I squealed, Harry turned to face me. "Im sorry I-i" He quivered, I just raised my finger to his lips and pressed it there."Its okay, lets go" I said, he nodded and took my hand cutely. We walked out.

Completely ignoring the fact of the waiter struggling on the floor.

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