Is it strange that however hard I try to keep away from him, I keep going back, it's like i'm under his power.
He's Poison.


10. Chapter 10

"You and Harry get along nicely don't you love?" My mum spoke up, I wiggled comfortably in my leopard print onesie. I looked up from my phone, Erm...yeah, I guess we do" I smirked. I looked back down at my phone. "Hes a lovely guy Carmen" My mum carried on.  I smiled. "Yeah he has his moments" I spoke. 
Seconds later the light on my phone sting my tired eyes. I smiled as I read the text. 

See you tomorrow Baby?x-Harry

I replied instantly.

Yes you will! What are you thinking of?x-Me

It pinged a moment later...

Well Im off to play football then town with some of my lads tomorrow, your welcome to come along if you'd like too?x-Harry 

That would be cool, is it alright if the girls come along aswell?x-Me

Of course! I'll pick you up at 10 baby?-Harry

Yeah! Could the girls catch a lift with us Harry?x-Me

Course, night baby, I look forward to seeing your perfectness tomorrow!x-Harry 

I smiled and locked my phone. "I'm off to bed now mum" I huffed getting of the soda and kissing my mum lightly on the cheek. "Are you going out tomorrow love?" She asked me. I nodded, adjusting the zip on my onesie. "Yeah, I'm goin out with Harry, the lads a my girls" I smiled.  "Well I'll be in bed still, planning on a movie day! Goodnight" She laughed. I smiled and went up to bed. 


It was 9:10am when I woke up. I jumped into the shower, dressed in a Knitted cream jumper and a pair of leggings, I let my long dark wavy hair fall naturally and brightened my eyes with some mascara and eye liner. 

I grabbed my purse and phone.

I'm outside baby-Harry 

I smiled and left the house, heading over to the range rover. "Morning" I smiled, he leant across the striker and planted a sweet soft kiss on the corner of my mouth. "Looking fuckable once again love" He winked to me, sitting straight, I admire his look of football gear. "Don't worry, I have some spare stuff in the boot for when we go to town" He laughed. "Where are we picking up the girls up from?" He asked, starting the car. "Ellen's" I smiled.

"Hi girls" Harry grunted as my best friends entered the car. "Hey" They both grinned, they admired him just like I did, but a rush of jealousy flooded through me. I placed my hand on Harrys leg, A smile grew as he watched the road, he tutted quietly, knowing what I was thinking. 

Harry drove us all the way to his football grounds were to a of people grew to watch the match. "You lot can sit behind our seat zone" Harry said, a we all climbed out the car. Harry took my hand. I smiled as he intertwined our fingers. Ellen and Beth broke into a cheesy smile aswell. 

We saw 4 guys in the distance, all in the sane black and white football gear as Harry. As we approached them their features came into aid. "Sup Niall" Harry flicked his head at a blind haired boy, "yo Liam" he smile to a brown haired sweet boy. "Louissss" He smirked at a dark brown haired boy. "Eyy Zayn" h grinned at a tanned lad, all 4 of them extremely good looking, but not as good as Harry. 
I smiled to them all, "Boys this is Carmen, and this is Beth and Ellen" Harry gestured to each I is. I chuckled at Ellen and Beth who's eyes looked stars stricken.
"Hey ladies" Niall said, a small amount of Irish pushing through. I smiled, Harrys grip on my hand tightened, I giggled at him. 

The fame had begun and me and the girls sat front row behind the seats of the players. The seats were packed, this was obviously a important match. 
I watched Harrys facial expressions change throughout the match, I stared at his muscles through his body that flexed as he ran across the pitch, taking people out with a slide on the muddy grass. 

The whistle blew for half time and the score was 1-0 to the other team. Harry walked over to us, so did the other boys.  I watched Harry take  a towel and wipe his face then drop it to walk towards me. I sat on the tall bench, I opened my legs and Harry slotted in between them, he took both of his hands in mine and intertwined our fingers. "Enjoying the game?" He mumbled. I nodded and let go of one of his hands to stroke away a annoying strand of his hair, h leant I to my palm. "You'll win, I know it" I winked at him. He kissed my hand before I held his larger hand again. "Be my lucky charm?" He tilted his head at me, I leaned closer to him and let him lean down to meet my lips. "Of course" I whispered again the kiss. "Yo styles come on man" I heard Louis voice call out. "Yeah one minute man" Harry snapped his head to another direction. "I have to ask you something g later, alone yeah?" He said, walking backwards our hands slowly leaving each others. "Sure" I smiled. "Good luck" I called through my hands cupped around my mouth as he ran off. 
"We'll that was a steamy moment" I heard Ellen's familiar voice in my ear. I swiped her away chuckling. 

I'm not really one to enjoy football much, but I have to say, I would love to come again, I think it's great!

There were 2 minute left of the game and I was 1-1. Harry was dying to score a goal and every time he was so close the keeper caught it. On the last minute I watched in anticipation as Harry paced up the pitch, the ball at his toes, he passed it across to Liam who kicked it to Zayn. "Styles!" Zayn called out, he pelted the ball to Harry who threw his foot out at the ball, the next 3 seconds went in slow. The ball twisted in the hair, flying smoothly. I stood up along with Beth and Ellen clapping and yelling as the ball slammed to the back of the goal. Harry was greeted by all his fellow team mates as they hugged him roughly. "Go give him a champions kiss then" Beth nudged me, I blushed, should I?
I stood up and stepped down from the bench, I walked slowly onto the pitch and just stood there looking at the large crowd of boys  gathering around Harry. I watched his face go all serious as he saw me. He started to walk And so did I, our paces quickening the closer we got, this is exactly how I imagined it to be like. "We'll done Ha--" I sai as he got closer, I was interrupted by the rate if Harrys lips being smashed on to mine. "Lucky" he said "charm" he panted through the steamy kiss. My hands ventured around his neck and Harry bent down slightly, our kiss still being unbroken. He picked me up from my behind, his hands cupping my cheeks. I wasn't sure what to do so I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him tightly to me. I could hear the loud wolf whistles and claps. We pulled apart, both breathing heavily and looking into each others eyes. "Carmen?" Harry panted gazing into me. "Yes?" My heart quickened. "Will you be my, my girlfriend?" He stuttered, my stomach performed flips. I nodded an panted loudly. "Yes" I grinned, Harry smiled and kissed me again. Harry placed me down and we looked at the attention we had from the team, also the other team. I looked at the other team. Two tall dark haired boys grinning widely as they stared at me. I clutched onto Harry, he didn't notice the creepy boy stare. 

"Brilliant game guys" Beth smiled weakly as we walked in the car park with the guys. "Hey Harry" A voice from the right. "Shit" I said under a breath, it was the two staring, creepy lads. "What?" Harry looked away from us too the boys a few meters away from us. "Got yourself a good looking road stander there" One of them winked, did they just call me a prostitute?
I felt Harry tighten. Oh dear. I looked at Niall who was the closest. He wide eyed me. "Move on boys" Niall said, I chuckled, that was him trying to peace make. "No seriously Harry, where this one from this time?" The other said, this time?
"How much is she? I'm on a tight budget!" They both chuckled. Harrys arm dropped from its contact around me. Don't you growled dare..." He growled. "Harry, please" I placed a small hand on his back. He ignored me. "I wouldn't say anything about her if I were you" He growled again, now centre meters away from there faces. "Wellll.....your not me so let me know, I'm interested...how much I she for the night?" One of the. Tilted there head. I whimpered as Harrys fist collided with one of there face. I looked at the Helpless boys as Harry now pushed him into the floor, throwing punch after punch at one of them. It was Zayn and Louis who shot forward each of them grabbing one of Harrys arms and pulling him up to his feet. "Mate calm it, he's not worth it" Louis cooed him. Harrys teeth were clamped together like an angry animal. The two beaten boys ran off quickly swearing that they would be back. Harry walked up to me and put my heading I hands. "Are you okay?" He asked, panting slightly. I nodded as held his wrists. "Harry you need to calm down with the fighting" I did sternly looking in his eyes, his gaze dropped from me, so did his hands. He looked at the floor, "fuck" he kicked the floor sending gravel flying, I looked at Beth and Ellen with wide frightened eyes. "I'm just trying I protect you" He stammered. I gulped, swallowing the lump in my throat. "Ha-rry, calm do-down" I stuttered holding a flat hand out at him. "No I will not calm down! I'm trying to protect you Carmen!" He spat. I stepped back. Harry was shocked by the move I made and his face fell. He stepped towards me. "No Carmen in sorry I just- I'm just..." He stuttered, I took one of his hands. "It's okay Harry, your jealous" I winked to him. He smiled slightly, looking me up and down and winked.

Jesus this boy does something to me.

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