Hidden In The Music

Emily has a mother that hosts bands and singers at her coffee place. Emily sings sometimes and her boyfriend at the time does too. He loves going up and singing unlike Emily. She only goes up when her mother makes her. Then a new kid shows up and turns Emily's life upside down... But will this be a good thing that it was turned upside down?


3. Who is he...?

I waited for Sam to finish singing with Nikki and Aim. Sam looked at me and smiled at me. I smiled back but it was a bit weak. Sam said the last few words of the song while looking at me. I felt like I wanted to hide because people were looking at me and saying,'Awwww'.  I covered my face a bit and Aim kicked my leg under the table.

"Why are you hiding?" She asked while looking at me. 

"People are looking at me," I said trying to cover my face again,"I don't like people staring."

"We'll baby doll get use to it because you are about to go next," Nikki said while getting up," Shall we go see you sing or no?"

"Yea if you guys want too," I said getting up as well.

Aim got up and we walked to the front of the stage. We waited there until my mother walked on stage. She moved to the mic and right away people turn their heads to pay attention to her. 

"Wasn't that song just lovely?" She smiled and everyone clapped with agreement,"Now I have a special someone coming on stage and they have a wonderful voice I ever heard." She paused and looked at me.

I bit my lip and looked away. I really didn't want to go up there but I already told mom I will. I took in a deep breath and waited for my mom to call out my name. 

"I like to call out onto the stage," she pauses again and smiles," Jacob Rowan!"

Everyone clapped their hands while my eyes got big. I thought she was going to call me next but I guess I was wrong. I looked onto the stage and watch as my mother walk off the stage and a guy with black hair with a strip of blue in it walked onto it. He smiled at everyone and then looked at me. 

"Lazy lover find a place for me again," He sang and I knew what song he was singing. 

It was Backseat Serenade by All Time Low. I knew every word and the beat. He was singing so wonderful I don't know how to even explain it.

"He's sexy," Aimee said looking at him and drooling well almost.

"His voice is amazing!" Nicole said with a smile. 

"Who is he...?" I said out loud. 

My eyes never left him and his eyes seem to never leave me as well...


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