Hidden In The Music

Emily has a mother that hosts bands and singers at her coffee place. Emily sings sometimes and her boyfriend at the time does too. He loves going up and singing unlike Emily. She only goes up when her mother makes her. Then a new kid shows up and turns Emily's life upside down... But will this be a good thing that it was turned upside down?


1. My Life so far

My mother such a beautiful women with a busy coffee shop. She's so nice, helpful and outgoing. She's always there for me when I need her. I'm a bit jealous of her because everyone loves her and everyone remembers her. I'm just known as,"Little Megan's girl!" or "Megan's Angel!" or "That girl." 


I kind of hate being called those but i really don't have a choice because no one remembers me in my mother's coffee shop. She's always having people sing on her stage or have bands that can perform there. Its a bit awesome that I get to meet the people as well but sometimes my mother tells me to go up on the stage and perform myself. Yes I can sing but not as good as any other singer. I'm kind of good but that's not what she says. So she tells me to go up on stage. I sometimes give in or run away from her before she can catch me. 


On the other hand my boyfriend, Sam loves my mom's coffee shop. He goes there whenever he can and ask to perform. Of course she says yes because she loves Sam and she also thinks that we're gonna get married one day. Sam has a nice voice and is very sweet but he thinks to much of himself. I hate it sometimes because he forgets about me. If we are gonna get married one day then he would have to stop thinking about himself 24/7 but that's like asking a book to move without any help from anyone... Its never going to happen. 


My friends Nicole and Aimee, also known as Nikki and Aim, are my two best friends that tease me about anything and I really mean ANYTHING! They are like me crazy and wild but yet we don't have the same taste in style. Nikki is a rocker punk girl who loves spikes and puffy hair. Aim is a preppy girl who loves her pink and high heels. As for me well I'm a pastel goth who loves bats and hair bows with eyes on them. People wonder how we can all be friends but they don't really know how we all became friends and how we understand each other. 


My life may seem a bit perfect to you with me having a boyfriend, a mother who cares and has a job, friends that are there for me but for some reason I feel like I'm missing something or maybe someone...



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