Hidden In The Music

Emily has a mother that hosts bands and singers at her coffee place. Emily sings sometimes and her boyfriend at the time does too. He loves going up and singing unlike Emily. She only goes up when her mother makes her. Then a new kid shows up and turns Emily's life upside down... But will this be a good thing that it was turned upside down?


2. Mom won

"Emily go on stage and sing a song,"My mother told me like the seventh time today.

"No thank you," I said like always,"Why don't you go ask Sam to sing. I bet he'll love that."

"But I want my little girl to show everyone her wonderful voice," She smiled at me. 

"Mom I don't have a wonderful voice," I said,"It's okay but not really good."

"Please I rather listen to you than Sam," She said and it made me laugh.

"Really?" I laughed.

"Of course my dear," She said,"You're my little girl."

"Oh mom," I said and she hugs me.

"Now how about that song?" She said and I laughed.

"Knew it was something to get me to sing," I smiled," Fine I'll sing one time today."

"I love you!" She hugs me tightly.

"Okay mom please don't kill me," I said trying to breathe,"Remember you want me to sing."

She lets go and says,"Sorry" and she walks away with a smile on her face. I shake my head thinking how my own mother acts like a teenager still. I love it sometimes but then I kind of want her to be in charge and tell me what to do or what's wrong. Like how mothers are with their teenager daughters. I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the table where Nicole and Aimee were sitting at.

"Mother asked you to sing again didn't she?" Nicole asked. 

"Like always," I said,"And I told her I will."

"Ohhhh we're going to hear you sing!" Aimee smiled,"That's exciting!"

"Sh Aim I don't wanna sing," I said,"I have stage fright... Somewhat..."

"You should have already grown out of it with how many times you already been up on stage because your mother makes you." Nicole said,"But I think you're just holding it and saying you have stage fright."

"Nikki sh your face!" I yelled at her.

"You mad because I'm right!?" She yelled back at me and put her combat boots on the table.

"Psh no...," I said looking away from her,"Maybe..."

"Haha! See I'm right!" She said while laughing at me.

"I never said you were!" I said pushing her, making her almost fall off the chair.

"Hey! I almost fell!" She said catching herself.

"Maybe that was the plan," I said sticking out my tongue.

"Ehhhh," She said and hits me on my head.

"Owe! That hurt!" I said rubbing my head.

"It wasn't meant to tickle," She said and laughed.

"Bitch!"  I yelled at her.

"Slut!" She yelled back beginning our little game of name calling. 

"Whore!" I said and then Aimee cuts our little game off.

"Don't start this," She said," You can end it when I'm not around."

"Fine," Nicole and I said together.

"Thank you," She said going on her phone.

I listen to the person that was singing. It was Sam like always. I shook my head slowly. Doesn't this guy ever get tired of singing in front of people?  Then again he loves being admired by everyone so I take that as a no. I sighed and listen to the last words he said,"I won't let her go..."

Sam made that song only for me but he likes singing it in front of people. I thought it was sweet that he took time to write a song for me but to perform it here in my mom's coffee shop. I didn't like it as best as I liked it the first time he sang it to me at my house. I sighed and waited until he finished so I can go next. 


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