Asking for death


1. Unexpected Visit

The Handmaid knocked on the door of The Grand highblood. She felt the cold breeze on her skin, but she did not care. He opened the door and looked down at her. "WHO ARE YOU?" he said in a booming voice. "I am The Handmaid. I have c0me t0 ask y0u s0mething." "VERY WELL." He moved to the side, letting her in. She slowly walked in, looking around. the walls had every color on them, Every color of troll blood. He closed the door and turned to her "WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WISH TO ASK HANDMAID?". She looked at the floor, then at him. "I wish f0r death. My life is p0intless, with0ut meaning.", he looked at her and nodded. "HOW DO YOU WISH DO DIE." "I....I want y0u t0.... snap my neck..". He nodded and stepped towards her, slowly placing his large hands on the sides of her face, looking at her. She looked back, staring with a sadness. He moved closer to her, looking into her eyes, doubt moving across his face. "Highbl00d? Are y0u g0ing t0 kill me n0w?" She asked, still staring. He just looked at her, not moving. "Highbl00d?....", she spoke softly. Silence was the only answer she received. Slowly moving towards her face, he kissed her roughly, with intensity. The Handmaid inhaled sharply, surprised. She then slowly and gently kissed him back. He then pushed her against the wall, pinning her hands above her head. "I CAN'T KILL YOU. WHY?!" he said as confusion and rage crossed his face. The Handmaid remained silent. The Grandhighblood stared down at her, getting closer. "IF I CAN'T KILL YOU, THEN I THINK THAT-" He stopped speaking suddenly, The Handmaid looked up at him "Y0u think what, highbl00d?". When The Grandhighblood spoke again, it was softly and gently "I tHiNk... I mIgHt HaVe ReD fEeLiNgS fOr YoU.", he kept looking into her eyes as he said this, The Handmaid looked back into his. He then kissed her again, with intensity, she kissed back in the same manner. "I wAnT tO pAlE wItH yOu So BaDlY.", After he said this he picked her up and carried her to his room.

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