The life of a girl

The life of me. A truly sad lamo life. I enjoy it but it could be better. When I say one thing my whole world turns into hell. Yeh it's the life of a teenage girl but the issues i have to deal with; now I look back are just sad.


5. The day after

The day after must have been the worst day ever!!!!!!!! Everyone seemed to know about it, and there was nothing I could do. Everyone stared at me in the hallway laughing and pointing like torture but on earth. I can guess who told everyone and I am guessing I'm right. Dan and Nathan. While this was taking place Nathan didn't have a girl friend. Now he's got a girl, Enya. Dan has Sophie. I think they must be blind when it comes to boys!!! Cool, good looking, fit , clever: exactly the opposite to these two people!!!!! I also had maths that day. It couldn't have been any more awkward!! I couldn't even bare to turn around or even look at him. Or anyone on the back row for that matter.

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