The life of a girl

The life of me. A truly sad lamo life. I enjoy it but it could be better. When I say one thing my whole world turns into hell. Yeh it's the life of a teenage girl but the issues i have to deal with; now I look back are just sad.


4. Break

Was a disaster and Bridget was being eaten on a ski slope by yeti's I was stuck with Robyn. She is really nice but can be a bit annoying. My other best friend poll, had been captured by Emily Cork. An evil force not to be reckoned with!!!

I resorted to something so sad it seemed like life had come to a horrible end.I HID IN THE TOILETS!!!! I couldn't face anything after that,my life had somewhat come to an end due to sheer embarrassment and humiliation. I heard 15 people come and go and a couple of teachers. Not one of them wondered about the door being closed for that long. 15 minuets felt like for ever, a never ending infinity. The difference between me and everyone else is an infinity. A never ending amount of numbers that on someday someone somewhere will look at it and think ' wow that child is messed up'. I know I have problems , I just don't know what. I am a regular in hospital always having checks and needles jabbed into me whenever they feel like it. I don't have it as bad as some people. I have it okay. I can still go to school, ruin my life forever and hide in the toilets so Yep I'm not normal.

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