Pearl Harbour

This is a story about pearl Harbour and a love triangle. Yay


1. Chapter 1

My Mother used tell me that some people say love is everything, that it is wonderful. Some say it is the most powerful thing in the world and the most deadly. But I say that it hurts. It hurts so, so much. It may be seeing someone you love with someone else or them not knowing that you exist that makes you die inside. But I will say this, it is worth fighting for.


I gazed at the lipstick in my sweaty palm. Blood red. Ironic really. I clutched my head with anguish. It felt like someone was grabbing my brain and squeezing. Tighter. I could not bring myself to look at the men in front of me but I had to do this quickly. Get it done with. Bombs were exploding everywhere but it was as I couldn’t hear them, wouldn’t hear them. A warm, salty tear snaked its way down my cheek. I never cry. Iron Lady, that’s what Joey calls me. Joey, sweet Joey. I forced myself to look at the limp body of the man. His usually handsome chiselled face was worn, screwed up in pain, his hazelnut hair was stuck to his forehead with a mixture of sweat and congealed blood. His leg was a mess looking like minced steak. I chocked. Pull yourself together, you’re a nurse. I gazed at the other man. Mathew, my Mathew. The tears fell thick and fast. I could only save one. But who?


A year previously a thick parchment addressed to“Miss Jennifer Worth” found its way to my door. My hands trembled as I opened it. One of my friends had received a similar letter and it destroyed her. Destroyed her life. It was stamped with an official looking emblem. My hand flew to my mouth. Silent gasps escaped me. It felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest and stamped all over by the Nazis. They had ruined my life, ruined it. I was going to be married but the war ruined that. It had snatched my life away, never to be given back, grasping America in the iron grip of the Nazis and their allies. But now it had done more, destroyed the reason for my very existence. Mathew. He was pronounced dead, or missing in action, as good as dead. And it hurts, so, so much. A hole that would bleed forever.


Mathew and I had many good times. We were in love, he completed me. One spectacular day after a dinner at my favourite restaurant, he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. I was so happy I could fly. My heart was like feather. I said yes without a second thought. Forgetting the bad times, the fights. Our fights would last for hours but then we would make up because he was the best for me, the best I deserved. I loved him with all my heart and whatever he did could not tarnish that.

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