Till' The End

17 Year old Rebecca Loped lives a fairly normal life, wakes up, goes to school, be lonely, repeat. Until one day on her way home from Violin practice at the local music shop she meets a mysterious boy who has to guide her on her mission, to end the corrupted world to trap the demons of the world inside and transfer the souls of the good to a duplicate world. As if It isn't enough, she has to destroy two demons to do so.


1. Cedric

Rebecca walked out of Ray's Music and More sunday night after her Violin lessons, she felt accomplished as she clutched the leather Violin case in her hands on her way home. She wore a black hoodie, a small black skirt, some black leggings, converses, and a studded choker on her neck. Suddenly she heard a loud roar which she quickly identified as thunder as rain began to stream endlessly from the sky onto her olive skin caressing her in several areas. She quickly put on her hood over her ginger hair and proceeded into an alley that would be a short cut home and keep her out of the rain. The wind was also very brutal as it cut through her jacket like it was nothing. She shivered vigorously and paraded down the alley stomping in puddles and getting the murky water on her tights. She scowled and kept walking. She could hear voices ahead and when she approached she saw the two girls at her school she knew very well, she liked to refer to them as the "Prep bitch twins." Both blonde, twins, preppy, rich, bitchy. Once they noticed Rebecca they turned from what they were doing which seemed to be sitting around smoking, of course, they both approached her at once.

"Hey Becca..Whatcha got there in that case? Can I have it?" The first twin eyed the violin case.

"It's my violin, no you can't have it, just leave me alone." Rebecca rolled her eyes at the stupidity of the two.

"Cmon...Let me see it..." The other twin pouted her lip.

"No. Just leave me be."

"Give me it!" The first twin snatched it from Rebecca's hands and opened the case pulling out the mahogany wood violin.

"Put the violin back in the case..and hand it back to me.." Rebecca scowled.

"Look sis I can play violin!" She sawed back and fourth vigorously with the bow and the strings snapped and the neck broke off the body of the violin.

"No! That cost me my allowance for a year!" Rebecca cried.

"Oops we gotta run. Bye Becca!" The twins laughed and ran off together somewhere.

Rebecca angrily kicked a wall and set her violin in it's case on the ground behind her. She kicked over a trashcan and unleashed her rage on the trash that came tumbling out. She heard a suddenly crash as someone dropped from a building above, she turned and saw a glimpse of a boy, her violin fixed like brand new and where the boy was a small paper card laid on the hard concrete. Slowly and carefully she kneeled down to pick up the card. On the card she read "Emergency Angel Services." She chuckled to herself and muttered, "What a cheesy name.." She stood up wiping off her tights and picked up the violin in it's case closing it firmly and heading home.

The trip took her quite a while as she couldn't stop thinking about what just happened, she also stumbled on everything that exsisted on the sidewalk. By the time she got home it was about 6 pm and she was exhausted, it was sunday night and school was tomorrow. Once she was home her mother stopped her at the door way,

"Becca I'd like you to meet the new neighbor boy that lives down the street, they just moved here yesterday." She pointed behind her at a tall thin boy sitting on the couch. Rebecca recognized this boy right away, it was the boy who fixed her violin and vanished, she was sure of it. The boy was wearing all grey and had so blonde of hair it was nearly white. His eyes were also a baby blue, a stunning color, she could not stop looking at them. She approached the boy slowly with a look of confusion on her face.

"I will leave you two alone." Her mother skipped out of the room.

Rebecca took a seat on couch next to the boy and slowly drew out the words she wanted to ask, "Who are you?"

"My name is Cedric. I just moved here down the street. My family moved here because I have a job to take care of. Once that's taken care of I'm free to move back if I want." He smiled.

"A job?" She asked.

"Yeah and you play a huge role in it Rebecca."

"What role? Wait how do you know my name?!" Rebecca stood and backed up away from Cedric.

"You will find out all of this soon enough. It's getting late. I must leave. Goodnight." He stood and walked out the front door.

Rebecca couldn't sleep that night, she had too many questions buzzing through her head. Mostly one. "What the hell is going on?"

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