can you smile? (michael clifford)

Jenna anticipates on many things; her brain has formed another world. usually anxious and shy she waits on meeting a boy who will have a crush on her as much as she does on him.
Michael hates on many things; he has isolated himself from everyone. anxious and upset he moved towns deciding not to talk to anyone, especially girls.
i guess when you meet someone who you instantly feel like they should been in your life a long while ago, things change. and that's what exactly happens.


4. chapter 5) 12:30

SAVED BY THE BELL? Really Jenna, saved by the bell. That’s all I could think about last night was my little saved by the bell.
Also, I think looking in the mirror right now shows an accurate representation that I was thinking about everything and that last night. Because all in honesty I look like absolute shit. My eyes were accompanied by sleepless bags that look like they have traveled around the world and my face is looking wholesomely extra pale and lifeless today as my little usually un-noticeable freckles could just be seen. Oh my hair, do not bring up the hair- its blonde scattered across my face and stuck up in unusual spots as my roots sat brown I knew I had to die it soon otherwise the I don’t even remember what colour I was naturally will begin to come out of hiding. I brushed it frantically as it sat on my shoulders tickling them, I moisturized my face with some bb cream. And got dressed into the ugly-totally UN original girls flannelled school dresses, I grabbed my bag stacked with my books and dashed outside to were my mum waited driving me to the gates of hell to leave me there for 6 hours.

I sit in my first class and per usual I sit in the back, how stereo typical of me. But I do work, and I sit there quietly alone doing work. None of my friends do chemistry they’re not the type to do chemistry. Is that mean to say? Wait no, they’d probably agree.

But the day goes on and as it’s a Monday, oh the shity Mondays. Its ‘music’ Monday so as Lauren and Ashton did their music stuff in the music room. I didn’t feel up to sitting with them and watching on as they displayed their talent. And god damn it veronica isn’t here, veronica is probably one of my closest friends and I don’t know how but we are. Anyway- basically I’m just walking around.

And then I see him, Mikey. Michael. Sitting alone at the bench. And I couldn’t help myself but somehow I manage to walk up to him.

“hey.” Smooth, Jenna smooth.

“Hello.” He shut his book and looked up to see it was me.

“Do you mind if I, kinda sit here with you? My friends are in the music room and my other friend isn’t here.” I waited for him to reply ‘no get you lame douche.’

But he shook his head, “not at all. Sit. - they do music at lunch?” He opened his book back up, placing his pen in the spine of it. I nodded to him. And he nodded back.

“Already studying?” I questioned.

“No, no. lyrics. I write lyrics and I know pretty stupid right but hey I do what I want.” He shrugged at me clapping his hands slightly in his lap.

“Cool. I think it’s pretty cool.”

And he smirked, god damn it can you smile? I’ll take that as a no, boy.

We kind of sat there in silence, well silence between us but noises surrounded us.

And I read some of his lyrics, he let me. Unlike I did with my art book. And they were extremely good and deep. But even though we were quiet it wasn’t the usual awkward silence, it was half okay half awkward okay.

And after that the day went pretty quickly, although second lunch I couldn’t find Michael. I was going to offer him to sit down with my little group of friends. But oh-well.

I arrived home eventually and when I did I got a glimpse of myself, looking just as bad as I did this morning. And I went to my room straight away so I could sit and think as usual. I was exhausted but sure you enough, I could not sleep. So I sat on my phone and via Facebook I received a friend request from yours truly Michael Clifford. I accepted, yet I didn’t do it straight away I took my time, I didn’t want to come off as too eager.


Its 12:30, and I decide to go outside. Like okay yes, I said I didn’t go outside much. That’s at day time. Night time is different and I enjoy night-time. I sat on the grass in my back yard, my body spread out like a starfish on a rock. My fingers engulfing the grass. I used my phone as a dim light.

And that is when I heard the soft lullaby singing of someone next door, okay this sounds like a dream. And I assure you it is not. I stood up, quietly walking over to the fence and it wasn’t a tall fence so I could just see over. The only shadow I could see was a person on the trampoline and I’d hate to assume. But it seems like Michael. Singing to himself as he laid as I did watching the sky do its thing.

“Michael?” I shouted, in a whisper like tone.

And he sat up his head looking around until it met mine and he put his hand up and he waved. And then actioned for me to come over to him. So I did. I struggled as I pushed myself over the fence trying not to be loud. And then I sat up onto his trampoline.

“What are you doing Jenna?” he asked now laying down looking at me.

“Well, nothing. Literally. Just laying down. And you?” I threw the question back at him.

“Same. How’d you know I was here? Were you being a spy?” he laughed, well he chuckled actually.

“NO. I heard you singing.”

“Was I that loud? Shit.” He mumbled, and I just shook my head.

“You have nice boobs under the moonlight.” He confessed, and honestly I don’t know how to respond to that. Straight white teen male straight to the point I guess.

“Oh, and there only nice under the moonlight?” so I sassed him. Tried to.

“Nope, you have nice boobs overall actually.” And with that we both laughed.  

And we laid there, he’s arms awfully close to mine, and it felt like we somehow knew each other even though we hadn’t. His hand accidently bumping the side of mine. Yet he didn’t move it quickly, he’s reflexes didn’t kick in at all they sat there side by side. Our faces looking at each other.






 hello, so i didnt take liek a week or two to update :-) but heyyoo new chapter and it is chapter five and i didnt know what to do for this chapter (oops) but o well try to enjoy [ or pretend for my sake]

p.s idek if Michael would do something like tht boob bit, but honestly i feel like he would. hahhaha 


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