Please just notice me

I walk down the halls without him notice me , I say his name , the bullys harry, liam, niall, Louis, and zany hurt me on daily notice and he just walks on by as if im not there..... READ PLEASE TO FIND OUT<>




  I slammed my hand on my alarm clock knowing today would be the day that all hell brakes loose. I say this because every time we get a new student the boys ( harry , liam , Louis , niall , zany) see if they could join there group of what they think is "cool" I say they should just be called " violent losers" but it sounds childish and a bit retarted but if I were to even look at them they would already have me bleeding on the ground after 2 seconds anyway, back to getting ready for school

I went over to my closet and quikly looked through my cloths to find something not that trashy for once. I would like to attempt to make an impression on a new student and if he is hot maybe the 'cool' group would leave me the hell alone. I was thinking hard when I came across a shirt. it had our flag (England) on it and was a sweater type of shirt and I grabbed a pair of jeans . I took a shower and got dressed. im not one to wear makeup soo I only put on mascara and a tad bit of eyeliner.

My parents haven't been home all year so I pretty much live alone so im used to the silence. I walk down the stairs and out the door and on my way to school I shall go! yay -.-( sarcasim if u didn't understand that ... )





** ALEX P>O>V***


I walk into the office and ask for my new schedule . I look through it all : PR . 1 math Mr. Thomas , PR 2 science Mrs.michalek , PR. 3 . literacy Ms.burrington , PR 4. L.A Mr. foster , PR 5 art Mr. bezteck , PR. 6 geography Mrs. Gaddis and my last period Gym with Ms.wagner .

ehh okay " I said to my self and tried to find my class , math. and I finally did I was late so I just kinda stood there waiting for the teacher to look and notice that im here . " oh why hello , im Mr. Thomas your math teacher obviously.... u cant sit anywhere you like in the mornings but since you just got here take a seat next to serenity , in the last row." I nodded and walked quitly to the seat and automaticly started to get to work on school.



I was sleeping until I heard my name being called so I shot up and mr.thomas glared at me " you may take a seat by serenity in the back' I just looked down. when I saw the new student my eyes just clicked but I had to pry them from him to the floor.

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