Please just notice me

I walk down the halls without him notice me , I say his name , the bullys harry, liam, niall, Louis, and zany hurt me on daily notice and he just walks on by as if im not there..... READ PLEASE TO FIND OUT<>



* PLEASE NOTE* some of this is about my life. the oart of that someone not noticing me is true know continue on without hatefull notes please ****


  im serenity . not common name to have in such a small town. I go to Fremont highschool and it is hell , but there are those momments that make you want to just go and see something or someone.

I wouldn't think school would be hell is it weren't for 5 idotic and violent boys ; harry styles , liam payne , Louis Tomlinson , niall horan, and zany malik . they push/kik/slap/ and even more than you can imagine to me , and only me.

it was horrible, school anyways , them , everyone here including the teachers.i was spacing out until I heard  that this classroom would be getting a new student . male to be exact. Honestly I didn't give one damn care for him either. . . . or that's what I had thought

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