The breeding class

I'm Chonira Chang and Cho Chang is my Grandma. I am not your normal wizard you meet in diagon alley. This is the story of my life.


2. Different

Hogwarts isn't the same anymore.

First, it had to be rebuilt because it got destroyed in the famous battle all those years ago.

But things like this aren't what I  mean like different staff and technically a different school and maybe rules that are different or variated.

No, this is something totally different. There is a new class. This class is what got people to find out how to breed the pocket dragon. This class is also where we find new names. What I mean by this is that with different sounds or ways to pronounce means different things and in magic they really make that wizard/witch or animal act that way.

In this class (or so I've been told) they are going to test breeding animals and what they'll do. That  is what happened when Luna Lovegood's son had a project to breed the dragon and the lizard and he decided to call it a pocket dragon because it is so small.

This is the reason I want to decide what to name my dragon because it helps her act that way.

Ok so the name you don't really pick. In magic when you find or think of a name it's actually magic (pretty much) telling you what that animals and/or witches and wizards (you know daughters and sons).


Ok so earlier I said I wanted to name my pocket dragon pearl. I thought pearl was a good name not only because it fits her look but also because Pearl means precious and she is definitely precious to me. 

I kept trying to think of another good name because seriously I don't just want to name her the first good name I think of!

what name do you think I should use for her dragon? Here are some names for you to vote on...

 Saphira-Jewel or beautiful

Imatra-magnificent waterfall

Keondra-magical power

and if you have any other ideas please tell me



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