Angels fall from the sky, they get hurt, and they become one of us. That is why some people are beautiful, though they think we are the beautiful ones. Short story of my thoughts on the rest of the world.


1. Fallen

I don't know where I am. I am lost, I am wandering, I have no idea. I feel as if there is nothing here for me in this world. Which world? There is more than one world, if you could believe that. I never believe anything I am told by a stranger.

I don't remember how I got here, in all honesty. There was yelling and thunder storms. I was scared, so I fled away to here; but what is "here" exactly? I wouldn't want to ask someone, I wouldn't believe them.

Everyone here is beautiful, but I think they are all blind and deaf. They can't hear me when I yell, and they look right through me when I stand in front of them.

It makes me feel invisible, I like invisible. I can do things that no one else would know about but me. I can be free, I can be crazy, but I can't have things out of control. I need to control myself.

They talk to each other, using voices. They also hear every sound that the other makes. It's not a normal language, but more of an eerie screech that hurts my eardrums. I cover them lightly, to muffle the sound, but it barely works.

The creatures remind me of sirens, beautiful but scary. They look beautiful, as if the heavans above had blessed them. They sound scary, as if the depths of hell were swallowed by them.

I am losing feeling in my body, numbness caresses me in a cold embrace. I am suffocating, but no one can see me lose my power. I am powerless, no fight left in me. Fight back, I tell myself, but I am weak.

Is this what it feels like, for an angel to die? Is this what happens when an angel falls to the Earth? Questions slowly swarm in my brain like thousands of bees making no noise.

The noise from the creatures here have vanished, voices sounding like velvet. They stare at me, sitting in the middle of a black top ground. I can't call for help, my voice won't let me speak. I lay there, helplessly, waiting for someone to get me.

Horns honk in the distance, along with other wails, but eyes refused to open. I was surrounded by darkness, my worst nightmare has come to life. It was dark for a while longer, until the light was returned.

I woke up to beautiful faces and slight beeping sounds. I heard their light voices speak, but not to me, to each other.

"She had no identification and she was found in the middle of the street. Its almost as if she fell from the sky." A lady's voice spoke.

A harsh voise responded quickly after, "A beautiful angel on Earth? Oh how the mighty have fallen."

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