Wide Awake

Zoe Jensen is hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her parents when a huge bear attacks, kills her parents, and nearly kills her. On that same day, Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward Cullen happen to be hunting for fresh animal blood. They find Zoe and save her. Now she has a new name. Zoe Cullen.


5. Unsafe

Edward's POV

I chuckled as I zipped around the car to open the door for Bella. It was time she met my family, who we really were. I was nervous about Zoe waking up because newborns are very dangerous. Their thirst can not be controlled and they haven't learned how to keep it in. Carlisle told me she probably wouldn't wake up for another two days so I decided it was safe to let Bella meet the Cullens. Bella gasped as she took in the interior of our splendid mountain home. "It's so beautiful!" She exclaimed. I chuckled again. "What did you expect? Coffins, Dungeons, and Moats?" She replied with a smile, "Not the moats." 

All was going well with meeting my family, aside from Rosalie's little tantrum. We were making our way down to the living room when I heard a snarl. Shocked, I looked up assuming it was Rosalie, but it wasn't. "Carlisle! Come here!" I yelled. He ran into the room and looked at me, confused. "I heard something. Listen." I held Bella to comfort her as Carlisle listened for the slightest sound. There it was. Another snarl, this time louder and longer. Carlisle stiffened and told me to get Bella out and then sprinted up the stairs. It was silent for a bit, and then we heard him yell. "Emmett! Edward! Get up here! She's awake!" I told Bella to stay with Alice, and I rushed up the stairs. When I got there, Carlisle and Emmett were trying to hold Zoe down, but newborns are strong and Zoe was about to get free.

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