Wide Awake

Zoe Jensen is hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her parents when a huge bear attacks, kills her parents, and nearly kills her. On that same day, Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward Cullen happen to be hunting for fresh animal blood. They find Zoe and save her. Now she has a new name. Zoe Cullen.


8. The Hunt

Zoe's POV

I pulled on the clothes that Esme gave me: a white hoodie, black leggings, and combat boots. I was kind of nervous to go hunting... After what happened in the woods, I do not want to encounter another bear again. I was also disgusted with my self for craving blood. I know I'm now a vampire and I'll just have to deal with it but it was nasty! My parents were vegetarians so I was too. The thought of killing animals made me want to throw up.

I held back a sob as I thought of my now dead parents. "You have to keep it together," I told myself. "You just have to..." I took a deep breath and skipped down the stairs. Edward and Emmett were waiting for me and together we went off into the woods.

I was amazed at how fast I was and how strong. We saw put first deer but Emmett took it out before I even got a chance. Finally, we saw a huge elk, grazing in the meadow. "Go on, Zoe," Edward told me. I grimaced and didn't move. "You have to Zoe! I know it's hard but we can't survive without blood. It'll be over with before you know it." Emmett patter me on the back, when more like full on smacked me, but he can't help it. I raced toward the elk, all my fear gone and my instincts took ever. In a couple seconds, it was dead. I had survived my first hunt.

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