Wide Awake

Zoe Jensen is hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her parents when a huge bear attacks, kills her parents, and nearly kills her. On that same day, Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward Cullen happen to be hunting for fresh animal blood. They find Zoe and save her. Now she has a new name. Zoe Cullen.


4. I'm So Sorry!

Zoe's POV

I was in the most pain I have ever been in in my whole entire life.It felt like every vain, nerve, muscle,and bone in my body was on fire but no one could put it out. The blond guy, the one who bit me, sat next tome in the car, holding my hand. When we got to their house, he picked me up and carried me up to a supper cushy king size bed. Then he sat with me and every time I screamed, he lightly squeezed my hand and said, "I'm so sorry." It was nice having him there, but i wanted to know what he did to me and why he couldn't help me. I screamed, "Please! Just kill me please! I cant take this anymore!" But he would only murmur in my ear, "Its almost over. It will be okay just hang in there." 

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