Hi my name is Ally. I'm 17 years of age....and yes I have a kid named Anna.
It all happened last year I was 16 years of age, and was playing around at the beach when all of the sudden I meet Harry Styles, and one thing lead to another.....and now I have a little girl named Anna. My mom has been trying to get me to tell Harry but I'm to scared of what is going to happen......


1. Harry?

 Ally's P.O.V

   Shhh...Anna I said as I slowly bounced her in my arms. I walked over to my moms room and sat Anna in her play pin. Hey mom can you watch her for a bit while I go over to lizzys house please, I asked as I flutered my eyes. sure but don't take long because I need to go grocery shopping, she replied to me. I got up and left. when I got to lizzys house  she wasent there.....oh great I said to my self as I began to drive away.


So this is my life now I don't get to do anything, but go over to my only friends house, which is Lizzy and she is barley even home.  I can't go to school, because I'm only 17 and I have a one year old kid, and a lot of people would say mean stuff to me, and right now I can't handle hate. But anyways my mom is constantly out and she never takes Anna with her because she is embarassed that I had a kid at a young age. so yeah because of a little mistake I have a lot of hell to pay....see when I was 16 I ran into a guy but not just any guy a famous guy named Harry.....Harry Styles. I was at the beach with like five of my best friends. They disided to go to some club and leave me behind. I was ankle deep in the water when I felt a cold splash of water on my back. I turned around to see who done it ......and sure enough it was Harry. The last thing I remembered was wakeing up in my bed naked and alone. Four days later I was pukeing and I didn't no why, so my mom took me to get a pregneatcy test done and......Boom their I was pregneat, with a famous guys child. so yeah anyways back to my story....


I  began to drive back home when I got a text from my mom saying

 from mom!):

hey guess what harry has been spotted at starbucks that is near here you should go....

to mom!):

he will think that im lieing...

from mom!):

no he wont please go tell him anna needs a father figure in her life.

I sat my phone down and thought about it for a second, then all of the sudden I was at starbucks. I walked in and sat down on a bar stool. Then I looked over and saw a curly haired boy talking to a black headed boy....omg thats harry I thought to myself...I started to over their when all of the sudden a body guard came over to me and pushed me back....hey I yeld at the body guard. Then I hear Harry say my name Ally? he said as he stood up. yes I replied as the body guard moved from out in frount of me.....



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