Its About 2 Twin Girls And Two Twin Boys And They Meet In School And They all Go On A Date And they Start Dating ....


2. Chapter 2

                                                          Elizabeth's P.O.V

 I Wake Up To My Stupid Alarm Clock * Beep Beep Beep * I Couldn't Find The Button To Turn It Off So I Threw It And It Stopped . i Got Up And Yelled " Isabella" Get Up , She Got Up And Came Into My Room , Elizabeth Oh My Gosh Its The First Day Of School ! What Am I Going To Wear !? She Said In A Freaking Out Voice . Chill , I Have All My Cloths Around Want Me Too Help You Find Something ? Yes Please !?(: . We Went Into Her Bed Room And In Her Closet , Oh My Gosh , What Is This ? I Said , My Closet? She Says Weirdly . So , These Are What You Call Cloths ? Yes Whats Wrong With Them !? She Says Mad . There Ugly ! , Just Wear Anything Today but After school We Are Totally Going Shopping . She Got Some Cloths And I Went Back To My Room And Started Getting Ready , I Put My Cloths On Then Went To The Bathroom i Pulled Out My Straightiner And Turned It On . I Was Straighting My Hair I Felt This Hot Sting On My Finger , Ouch ! I Yelled . I Started To Cry While It Was Blistering Up .

                                                           Isabella's P.O.V

Im Getting Dressed And I Hear A Yell From Elizabeths Room , So I Run In Her Room , in Her Bathroom She Was on The Floor Crying , Whats Wrong Liz ? , I Burnt My Finger She Said .. Let Me See It . She Showed Me , Oh My Gosh Liz That's Gross You Might Have To Go To The Hospital You Burnt Your Self Pretty Good , Come On Lets Go Show Mom This Is Really Bad .

                                                                      Moms P.O.V

Mom Wake Up ! Isabella said . What ?! Liz Burnt Herself Bad ! I Jumped Out Of Bed And Went To Her Room , Lizzy Are You Okay ? Mom Do I Look Okay ? it Burns Really Bad . Let Me See .. ELIZABETH WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ON THE GROUND !? , Come On Were Going To The Hospital . Were At The Hospital And I Walk Up To The Front Desk , Uhm Ma'am.. She Is On The Phone With Her Husband Really ? ! I Rang The Bell Like 40 Times This Is Ridiculous . . Okay Listen " Doctor " Get The Fuck Off The Phone Someone Could Be Dying And You Would Just Act Like Everything's Okay Get My Fucking Daughter A Doctor Or I Am Suing You . ! Ma'am Calm Down ! She Yelled. Who The Fuck Are You Too Tell Me To Calm The Fuck Down Get My Daughter A doctor NOW ! So She Told Us To Go To Room 5 And We Did . About 10 Minutes Later A Doctor Came In , What Happen He Asked ? My Daughter Burnt Herself .... Let Me See Hes Says .. Oh My He Said Let Me Get You Some Water To Put On That So He Got Her A Towel With Water On It . So What Do You Want To Do I About It I Asked .. He Said He Was Just Gonna Rap It Up For It To Heal So It Wouldn't Get Infected That's What He Did .

                                                            Isabella's P.O.V

  Well Our First Day Of School Is Ruined . I Said Sadly , Well Its Okay We Will Go Tomorrow Sorry Issy Said Elizabeth.

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