Team Player

Grace Macie Jordan and Hanna were all on the volleyball team and they won season after season but what happens when Grace and Macie quit the team


2. You can't be serious?!!!

Grace's POV

    "Wait, Grace is that Ethan?"

"Yeah."I said

"What is he doing here." Macie asked

"It doesn't surprise me he's in TILLYS"(a girls sports store)

"Well well well what do we have here?" Ethan said

"Looks like to me a bunch of girls and us."Hanna said

"So funny i forgot to laugh." Ethan said

"Anyways what are you doing in here?" Macie asked

"Looking for stuff for Kayla."Derrick said

"Wait, Why are you looking for volleyball stuff for Kayla, she's not even on the team." Jordan said

"Oh no please tell me she's not on the team." I said

"Yup."Donovan said

"anyways, why are you guys looking for stuff her can't she do it her self?" Hanna asked

"Well, Kayla and are going out."Ethan said

"You can't be serious." I said





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