Team Player

Grace Macie Jordan and Hanna were all on the volleyball team and they won season after season but what happens when Grace and Macie quit the team


1. WAIT WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

Grace's POV

         "C'mon Hanna we got to go."Macie Said

"But i wanna cookie."Hanna whined

"You already have 10."i said

"But they have one that looks like a Dinosaur."

"Seriously?"I asked excitedly

"What is it with you guys and dinosaurs?" Jordan asked

"I don't know but i'm pretty sure that's how me and Grace became friends." Hanna said 

"Let's go." i said 

"Wait, Grace is that......"

Cliff hanger Hey my little clovers it's grace so i'm writing a new story obviously and i'll continue it for 5 likes so go rape the damn buttons!!!!!!! 


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