The White Witch


2. Chapter two

The 'White Witch', as everyone called her, was an English rose. A classic beauty with dark hair, pink lips and rosy checks, her smile would draw you in the second you saw it. It was true that her beauty was enchanting but she would not use it to hold men against their will. A magical beauty such like the beauty of Christmas. 

Through a field of snow she would walk, holding hands with the next to fall. Both would walk in the snow, the soft snow crunching under their feet but no footprint were left. The snow remained undisturbed. It would be as though they hadn't been their at all. 

"Come with me, I will take you to where you have to go. I will led you to safety" she would whisper is you ear. There was something about her that made you trust her. No question would leave your lips. No second thought would cross your mind. You would just take her outstretched hand and walk wherever it was she was taking you. Her hand was warm and welcoming. Once you held her hand you could not let to, you would not let go, not until she loosened her grip and released you. 

To go with a complete stranger across the white wonderland is outrageous, but you do it. She was a stranger to everyone who ever took her hand and followed her but there was something familiar about her. There was something that would draw you too her, something about her that you already knew. Everyone has said the same thing. Everyone here has said they had never seen her before yet they felt that they knew her. No one here has turned down her open hand, each has placed there hand in hers without a second thought. Everyone in this place walked up the snow white hill with no hesitation.

When she released the grip she had on your hand you would not hold on tighter no matter how much you wanted to. You had to let go even though you didn’t want to. Without her to hold you had no one. That’s how it felt. She was the safety net. You barely knew her but you would not want to let her go.

At the top of the hill is when she would let you go. There was nothing ahead but white. It wasn’t the snow making it white like it has been before. This white was different; there was no floor, no sky, no snow topped trees, nothing. There was simply a vast space of white nothing. A glace around you would reveal nothing more. The path you had just taken had gone; the trees, the snow, the sky, all gone. It had been there though, hadn't it? Suddenly nothing made sense except her. She was still there next to you although no longer holding you hand. Then she would take a few steps back. You were standing alone. That’s how it felt even though she no more than a metre away from you.

You had no choice but to step forward. Step by step. Your feet would deny what your brain was telling them. No matter how much you wanted to stay in the comfort of her, you kept walking, unable to stop.

The scenery came back, and more people would be around you but she would be nowhere to be seen. The new company would immediately ask you how she was. Their eagerness was intimidating. As time went on, as more people arrived, you would understand why they were so keen to know, so keen to hear about her. You would join them with their pestering questions, unable to help yourself.

No one knew who she was. That’s why I decided to ask every one of their memories. I asked them what they last remembered before her. No one could answer me straight away; they had to think about it first. However, they would come to me one they remembered and they would tell me their story. Each was different yet the same. I soon made the connection. I joined up the dots. I found out why we were all here, what 'here' was and who she was.

All of us had been close to death, that’s what most of us remembered. We don’t recall actually dying but my conclusion was that we were in heaven. This place that had become our home was heaven. The White Witch was not a witch at all but an angel. She was the guide to the other side, the light in the dark, the only star in the sky.

So now you know the truth. There is no need to be scared, there is no need to turn and run, no need to hate the angel who saved us all.

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