The White Witch


1. Chapter one

The white witch,

Has a curse upon her lips,

For every man she sets her eyes on, 

Will surely be the next one gone,

With enchanting beauty,

To catch men was her duty,

Her weapon was her words,

There was nothing else they heard,

When under her spell,

For her they fell,

Through a wonderland of snow,

Is where they would go,

Hand in hand,

They walked across the land,

She would led the men,

Never to be seen again,

With red lips and black hair,

All men are to beware,

For when you're out,

She will be about,

She will whisper in your ear,

'Please come with me my dear'

And follow her you will,

To the top of the snow white hill,

But wait, do hold,

Is the story truly told,

The story is only one sided,

So how can the truth be decided,

So listen up and you will hear,

The story of the one they fear,

This story is completely true,

Listen is all you have to do,

Here is the story of the white witch,

With no such curse upon her lips,

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