Half a Heart

Mia is a 18 year old girl who happens to hate one direction. Her best friend Ava loves them though. Ava and Mia enter a contest to live with one direction for a month. They know that the chances their names are pick out o thousands is very slim. But do they win? Mia falls in love with two boys who change her life forever. But the time comes for her to choose. Who will she choose?


7. Chapter 7


Ava is really dumb to think that I'm going to like her. Harry hates her now. Apparently, Mia has hated her but hasn't said anything.

We all fell asleep in the living room last night. I fell off of the couch and ended up staying there. Harry was on the chair and Mia was on the couch.

When Mia and Harry wake up we hear a door slam. Me and Mia go into the kitchen. There's Ava. 

"What?" she asks. I pull out my phone and text Harry. 

'Hide laptop' 

'Already done'

"So are you gonna let me go into the living room or what?" she laughs. "Um actually, no," I say. "Why?" she asks. What a stupid question. "Because no one wants you here. So go home," I say. "I won a contest! I get to stay!" she yells. "Mia go talk to Harry," I tell Mia. She walks into the living room.


I sit with Harry on the couch and we listen to Niall and Ava scream at each other. 

"Why don't you guys help her start packing?" Niall asks us. We go upstairs and start packing. 

When Harry finds a note, I stop. 

Dear Tyler,

Once I get Harry and Niall to hate her, I won't have to do anything. 

She will kill herself. She's not even going to suspect that I hate her.

Leave that knife where I told you to. 

Love, Ava

Harry looks at me and that's when I start crying. The tears form in my eyes and Harry notices. He starts throwing the clothes in the bag faster. When he's not looking, I grab the note and shove it in my pocket.

"Mia, let's go." I follow Harry to the kitchen where Ava stood there looking down. On the floor was Niall with blood all over him.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!?" I scream. She looks at her fist which is covered in blood. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Harry yells. She runs out of the house and Harry locks the door behind her. 

"Niall?" I ask. He opens his eyes but isn't looking at me, he was looking at the paper sticking out of my pocket. He grabs it and unfolds it. 

After reading it, he hugs me. "She's never coming back here. Don't worry," he says. "I leave in a week Niall. What are you going to do then?" I ask. "Simple, you're not leaving."





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