Half a Heart

Mia is a 18 year old girl who happens to hate one direction. Her best friend Ava loves them though. Ava and Mia enter a contest to live with one direction for a month. They know that the chances their names are pick out o thousands is very slim. But do they win? Mia falls in love with two boys who change her life forever. But the time comes for her to choose. Who will she choose?


6. Chapter 6

"Well don't just stand there! Where's Ava?" I just stare at him. "Why?" 

"I can't see my girlfriend?" he asks. I stare at him questioningly. He nods. "That's right princess, we are back together," he says smirking. "She's... out..." he glares at me. "What?" I smile. "You heard me. She's out. Now leave!" He sighs and walks out of the room before saying one final thing, "It could've been you." I laugh and slam the door behind him.

I angrily grab my phone and throw it at the wall. I flip the coffee table over and throw a lamp at the wall. I see Ava's laptop on the chair. I open it and search through her history, folders, and anything else I see. I find nothing until I open a document named 'A lover's lie.' 

1. John 

2. Tyler

3. Harry

4. Niall

What?! I take the house phone and call Harry. When he answers, I ask where he is. His answer is the thing that makes me want to sit in a corner and cry. "Having dinner with Ava."

"Oh okay," I say. "Wait, are you okay? I can come home," I don't answer because that's what I want but I obviously don't want him to know that. "Okay I'm coming home," he says. "No no. Don't come home for me. I'll be fine. Really," I say. I hear him talking to somebody. "I have to go... I'm sorry!... If I tell you, you'll be mad... Yes... Okay, Fine!..." He's talking to Ava. 

Harry is back 15 minutes later. He rushes into the living room and stops short. "What happened in here?" he asks. I look around the room once again. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I break down in tears. 

"You'll be okay. Now tell me what happened," Harry asks. I point to the laptop and begin crying again. 

I hear him gasp and I know he's reading it. "Niall?" I give a slight nod and he sits next to me. "Who's John," he asks. "Just somebody I used to date and then he dumped me because he said there was someone else." He pulls me in for a hug which I accept. 

I hear Niall come in and he looks at Harry confused. "When did you get back?" he asks. "I left Ava. Um Niall? There's something you should know." Niall looks at both of us and we pass him the laptop.

"Well whoever that Tyler guy is, she just texted me saying that she met up with him," Niall says. Me and Harry exchange glances and Niall puts the laptop back on the table. 

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