Half a Heart

Mia is a 18 year old girl who happens to hate one direction. Her best friend Ava loves them though. Ava and Mia enter a contest to live with one direction for a month. They know that the chances their names are pick out o thousands is very slim. But do they win? Mia falls in love with two boys who change her life forever. But the time comes for her to choose. Who will she choose?


3. Chapter 3

''Who?'' he asks comfortingly. ''Ava,'' I manage to say before the tears begin to fall. ''Then why are you guys still best friends? I mean wouldn't you get angry around her?'' he asks. ''I d-do. But she baked me four cakes that all had words written in frosting on them. They each had like a paragraph of things she wishes she hadn't done,'' I say. ''Wow. Then she is a good friend. When me and the boys get in fights, we just buy them food,'' he laughs. I laugh too, trying to stop crying. 

''But seriously, I can't help but get really mad at her when I'm with her. I mean I thought I loved Tyler. Then I go to the mall with my cousin and see them holding hands and hugging. And not in a just friends sort of way. They saw me and I ran into the bathroom. I started crying and couldn't stop. Ava tried to talk to me through the stall door but I just ignored her," I say. He takes my hand and says, "Well if you think she's caring, she is. Just remember that.''

''Mia, your mom-'' Ava starts. ''Am I interrupting something?'' she asks. ''Umm no. I was just about to go call my mom actually,'' I stand up and walk up to my room. 

I lie on my bed and wrap the blankets tightly around me. I forgot to shut the lights off. Great. I go to flip the switch but a hand stops me. I look up to see Niall staring at me.

''The boys wanted me to check up on you,'' he says. ''Well I'm fine.''

''Okay. Just making sure,'' he goes to leave but turns. ''We're watching a movie downstairs if you want to watch it with us,'' he adds. I nod. I follow him downstairs and into the living room. I sit between Ava and Niall. 

''Mia are you okay?'' Niall asks. ''Yes. Why?'' He looks down at my hands. I look at them too. I was making fists and my knuckles were white. I quickly spread my hands apart and direct his attention back towards the movie. 

''Well great movie, I'm going to bed now. Goodnight,'' I say before jogging up the stairs and going to my room.

Again, I wrap myself up in the blankets and fall asleep.

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