Half a Heart

Mia is a 18 year old girl who happens to hate one direction. Her best friend Ava loves them though. Ava and Mia enter a contest to live with one direction for a month. They know that the chances their names are pick out o thousands is very slim. But do they win? Mia falls in love with two boys who change her life forever. But the time comes for her to choose. Who will she choose?


1. Chapter 1

"Mia, lets go!" my best friend says dragging me toward the mob of people surrounding a table. All these people for that stupid boy band. "I don't understand why they're so popular. They're not even that good," I yell over the screams of people. 

We finally get to the table. We sign our names and back up. I bump into somebody. "Oh, sorry," I say. They turn around. Standing there is Harry Styles. I don't freak out but everybody else does. People jump on me and Harry. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards 2 muscular men heading in our direction. I looked around for Ava. She was staring at me wide eyed and her mouth hanging open. 

We enter a room. It had a mirror and a couch.

"Um why am I here?" I ask folding my arms across my chest. "You're not a fan?" He asks. I shake my head in disgust. He sighs in relief. "Thank god. I though you would've attacked me or something," he says laughing. 

"My friend is out there so can I leave?" I ask. "Well I was sorta told to stay in here until the announcement but if you want to leave, go ahead," he says gesturing toward the door. I hesitate to go out the door, confused. He opens the door and I walk out. He looked disappointed all most. 

I find Ava by the entrance. She was texting somebody. I feel a buzz in my pocket and pull out my phone. I smirk. A new text message from Ava. 

I walk up behind her and tap her on the shoulder. She whips around to face me. "You just freaking went into Harry Styles's dressing room with freaking Harry Styles!!!!" She yells excitedly. I nod not really caring. "Mia, you've already told me that if you had to pick a favorite it would be Harry. Don't act like you weren't excited," Ava says. I roll my eyes. "Fine, I admit it was pretty cool meeting somebody tht famous," I say giving in. 

We talk about why happened which wasn't a lot. I just asked him why I was in there and then he told me. Then I left. Why did he even bring me in there? The thought was still in my mind when 5 boys walked on stage. The blond one, Niall I think, coughed into his microphone to get our attention. The crowd screamed. It's not like it was a concert. They were just announcing the winners to the contest. 

Harry's eyes searched the crowd. When he landed on me he stared at me. "Harry?" Niall asks him and grips his shoulder. Harry turns toward him and says, "Yea?" "You alright mate?" He asks. Harry nods. He looks back at me and every girls eyes in that crowd are on me. I look at my feet and blush. I wasn't good with attention. 

"We are ready to announce the winners for our contest. Zayn, will you please pick name 1?" Louis asks. Zayn nods and walks up to the box containing all the names. He dips his hand in and pulls out 1 card. "Ava Smith," I look over to Ava. She has already started crying. She heads toward the stage. Liam helps her up and she hugs them all. 

"Now for name 2," It felt a little bit like the Hunger Games but I brushed that thought away. "Mia Paylin," now it's my turn to be shocked. How on earth is it even possible. What are the chances of me and my best friend getting picked for something so many people signed up for. The spotlight was turned from Ava to me. The light follows me as I walk up to the stage. Harry's mouth is hanging open in disbelief. 

I hug Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. I walk up to Harry and hug him. He whispers something in my ear. "We meet again." 

We get one hour to pack and say goodbye to our families. Then the limo comes to pick us up. 

I pack every piece of clothing I have. By the time I'm finished, I have 2 suitcases and a backpack filled. My mom rushes up to me and kisses my cheek. "Have fun darling," she says and takes one of my suitcases.

When I get to the bottom of the stairs, my sister, Hope, attaches herself to my leg. She's 3. 

"Hope. I will miss you so much!" I say and pry her off of my leg. I lift her into my arms. "Bah Bah Mia!" She says. As if on cue, there is a knock at the door. I pick up the suitcase I dropped on the floor and answer it. Harry and Niall stand there. "Hey Mia!" Harry says. Niall looks at us questioningly. "Hi Harry," I say an push past them I put my uggage in the back of the limo and sit inside. The seats had heating and I was freezing. I turned it up all the way. The. Boys come in the car and stare at me. "What?" I ask. "You're different," Harry says smiling. "We've never had anybody who doesn't like one direction win one o these," Harry says. "My friend made me. She was the other person who won," I say. 

We pull up to a huge house where another limo is parked in the driveway. I jump out of the car and  run up to the other car. I know that Ava is in there. 

Ava's favorite member of One Direction is Louis. She is like addicted to him. 

Harry and Niall guide me through the house. They show me the giant living room, the music room, the kitchen, and the bedrooms. The last room we go to is my room. "And your room is in here," Niall says opening the door. We walk inside. It was huge! It had 3 windows. A makeup desk, a bed in the corner, a walk-in closet, a bathroom, and drawers for my c for my clothes. I smile at the boys and push them out of the room. I unpack everything. I fill all the drawers of the desk with my makeup. I put all my clothes in the closet. 

Once I finished unpacking, I walked downstairs and all the boys sat there. "Where's Ava?" I asked concerned. They all shook their heads. 

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