A vampires mate (Harry Styles)

Emily gets bullied in school, and when Emily think things can't get worse, something Really bad happens. But someone will safe her, and that someone is not just any one. It's the new boy at school, Harry Styles. All the girls seems to droll over him. But what they don't know is that Harry is a vampire. He knew from the start that Emily was his mate, and he will do everything it takes, to make her his!


1. Chapter 1

Emily's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. Today was just gonna be another day of the bullying. 


Sorry! I totaly forgot to itroduce myself. My name is Emily, i'm 17 and i go to highschool. I live in London with my dad, my mum and my sister. I have light brown hair, and my eyes have the color blue with a tiny shade of green. (AN: She looks like Barbara Palvin) I'm about 5'7, not to thin and not to thick. And then one last thing... I get bullied...


When i woke up i went for a shower. After shower i dried my body. I putted on some black skinny jeans, a plain white T-shirt, my black converse and for my jacket it was a black leatherjacket.

And for my makeup i just used some mascara, and a little bit of color in my eyebrows.

I was runnig late so I ran down the stairs and just I graped an apple, and said my goodbyes.

"Bye Mum and Dad see you later", I said.

"Bye darling, me and your Father, wont be home before midnight" said my Mum.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well me and your Mother is going out for dinner", my Dad said.

"Okay then i'll see you guys tomorrow", i Said on my way out the door.



The hallways was filled with students, and teachers. I went straight to my locker to collect my books, just hoping i wouldn't bump in to Kyle and his gang. 

"Hey Emily, missed me?", i heard Kyle call.

He stood right behind me, but i didn't dare to turn around.

"Hey K-K-Kyle", I answered with a shaky voice.


I didn't hesitate turning around, cause i was afraid of the consequences if i didn't. 

"Please don't hurt me", I begged.

But Kyle didn't seem to care. He just slapped me straight across the face and pushed me against my locker. 

"See ya after school, Bitch!", Kyle said in between laughter.

I wiped my tears away and hurried to class which was Maths.



Harry's POV

"Hello class this our new student Harry Styles", Mrs. Phillips said.

"Hello", i said in a low voice.

A few girls gave me a wink and a flirting smile. I didn't care! All i could focus on was the beautiful brunette in the back. She was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. And the best part of it all... She was my mate.




Hope you guys liked my very first chapter! :-)






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