Change Happens


2. The First Memory

'A little girl, just what I longed for. At last.' Evelyn let out a small sigh as she gazed in wonder at the fragile baby in the cot beside her.

'She's adorable. My beauty.' Jamie lent towards the cot and marvelled at the child. 'I hope she's a happy child, with a normal upbringing, like Lori has had. I sense she will be special, maybe extraordinary when she is grown!'

'Let's give her an unusual name then. How about Alleiyna? Alleiyna Rebecca Jackson? An unusual memorable sounding name, pronounced Elaina!??' Evelyn suggested. She looked worn out, ready for a good night’s sleep.

'Okay. Beautiful!' Jamie smiled, 'Alleiyna Rebecca Jackson.'


That was sixteen years ago. Now Jamie is away in Japan on business for six months each year. I hardly ever see him. Nor do my siblings. I don’t know why he chose to go over there but Mum says he had no choice, he would have lost the job otherwise.

Still, I have had a normal upbringing, as normal as you can get when you are virtually in a single parent family anyway. At least Jamie got one of things he wanted for me.

Although many people think it peculiar that my dad is always away on business I don't really care. Mum has always been enough for me. But recently I have begun to wish Jamie was home more often. So much has happened over these sixteen years, for better and for worse. Maybe it would have turned out differently had Jamie been here regularly.

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