Change Happens


1. Now

I stand staring out of the window; across the street a high rise building stands above everything. Birds sit on it's roof and mate with each other or sit and crow over the city. On the street below business persons walk briskly to meetings and conferences or stroll about on their lunch breaks, polystyrene coffee cup in one hand and a cheese roll in the other. Shoppers wander along the pavements and gaze in shop windows or look in awe at the height of the surrounding buildings and offices. Taxi drivers hoot their horns at everyone and for what i can interpret it is generally for no good reason. The streets are crowded and the atmosphere feels tense and hectic with all the hustle and bustle going on. In the offices below mine i hear an argument going on. There is so much shouting and screaming. It is an intense place to be down there from the sound of breaking glass and crashing papers. The window in front of me is dirty and covered in a thin grey film of pollution, littered with the mess of thousands of birds mainly pigeons.

I turn my gaze back round to the contents of this office. The table is opposite the door with the chair facing the doorway. A pad of paper, a selection of red blue and black pens, pencils and post it notes are arranged neatly on the desk. Everything is in color and size order. Nothing is out of place. Not even a strand of the carpet.  It is an array of perfection, something that I desire deeply.

I slowly walk over to the chair and sit down, staring at the piece of paper in front of me. There is a number written on it and a message that is barely legible. The writing is slanted heavily and scrawls along each line.

It says: It has been such a long time since we were trapped inside the Yewfront. But it's not over yet. Ring 077853523016 for more information.

I sighed deeply and closed my eyes, resting my head in my arms. Why couldn't everyone leave me alone and let me get on with life. I was doing brilliantly and I wanted to look forward, to see today and the future only. All of those many years ago were in the past. Somewhere I wanted to bury and forget about. It looked like someone wanted to drag it back again though.

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