The Angel and The Hunger Games

What happens when a beautiful little angel has a misfortune and ends up in The Hunger Games? Whats up with this angel... up in The Hunger Games? She has always dreamed of being in the games. Come on Taylor's journey of The Hunger Games..


1. The Reaping...

She laid lifeless on the ground. Dead, perhaps? All of these questions were going through her mind.. She was an angel after all, this couldnt be.. She was in.. 

One Day Earlier

It was a beautiful full moon tonight and the whole town was silent and no one had be seen. That following day was going to be The Reaping. So what everyone had done was stay in their faint cabins.

The Next Day

Today was the stressful day where two people from each district would be chosen to participate in what's called The Hunger Games.. An annual game where people would get chosen to fight for their lives.. Yes, I know it's very stupid to some folks but people really didn't know why it existed.

So.. As all of the adults and children walked towards the huge stage. Where this oddly dressed woman stood pale as a piece of paper. Moments later after people had settled a woman had explained what was going on. I was watching.. watching from above. She had put her hand in what's called the reaping ball and pulled out a name for the ladies...

"Primrose Everdeen" the woman named Effie Trinket had called.

All you could hear was silence and then after awhile you could bloody screaming... from Primrose. Her sister charged for her and guards had to hold her down.

"I volunteer as tribute.. I volunteer... I volunteer as tribute!" Katniss Everdeen yelled.

She had talked on and on about how that was the first volunteered tribute from their district. Katniss had walked up to the stage and awaited for the next tribute.

"Peeta Mellark" she had said.

He had slowly walked up and looked so sacred.. but there was no turning back..

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