From the Sky

This is a story based on a picture. The picture on the cover of the book. It is for the third advent competition 2013.
The story is about a mysterious girl falling from the sky and no body really knowing who or what she is.
Read and find out!!!


4. The Letter

Dearest Ones,

There is much you do not know. We may have only met for a few hours but I think you should know something.

Once upon a time there was a man who was granted a wish. He wished that once every five years a child would be born who had certain characteristics; they would be able to fly with feathery angel wings, they would be exceptionally intelligent, they would go to foreign countries and they would be the ones to save the world from all disasters and bad things. Most of these children will have chestnut brown hair and dark green eyes and have training for their roles in a special place named Kapita which will be situated in the sky.

I am one of them. I am a Kapitas, a child of the Kapita. I have these powers but I cannot live on your Earth for my angel wings do not disappear. I am one of the greats and I need your help. The Kapitas are developing malfunctions when they are born, like mine.

Rebecca Nicholson is a child of the Kapitas but she does not yet know it. Recently she went on a placement to Germany where there is a direct pass into Kapita. There she will have been initiated in her role and taught what she should do.

Daisy Nicholson, you are a sister and a biological one at that, to Rebecca Nicholson. It is up to you to assist her in her duties and to help me in overcoming the mutations Kapitas children are suffering. I will help as much as I can by coming down to England occasionally like I did today. This will not be easy but together, we can do it. Rebecca is competent now, or so I have been informed, and you are a half-Kap.

Whatever you do, tell no one about this letter or the real identity of Rebecca Nicholson. Daisy, your friend Remi must not know the truth about any of this. She saw me, yes, but she will forget.

If you ever need to contact me, if you are in fear for your life or Rebecca’s life, then shout out for ‘Myriella Rosalie’ and I will come as soon as possible.

Thank you for showing me around today. I am glad I found you straight away. Good Luck in your mission. Give my regards to Becca and tell her you know about ‘her Kap’. She’ll understand.

Best wishes


*~ Myriella Rosalie Victora ~*

Daisy looked over at Remi. She was staring out of the window at the scenery. Daisy was safe for now and she understood who Vikki was and why she had looked so peculiar. She was glad she understood, now she knew what Becca had been trying to say as well. With that thought still hanging in her mind, the bus screeched to a stop. They had arrived at the airport.


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