Lost child

Caitlin-darcy styles or darcy is sick of telling people that shes not realated to harry styles but is that completely true??


5. text from hannah

Darcy pov

we watched toy story 1-3 and me and Louis shared a whole bag of carrots.

after the 3rd toy story i fell asleep in between Louis and Niall and i guess they carried me to bed.

i woke up confused but then i realized i was with the boys and my dad i sat up and checked my phone nothing new i decided to text my best friend Hannah (she goes to a different school)

and ask her round.

me:heeeeyyyy wanna come round i have a supriiiseee!!!:) mwahhhahha oh and meet me at the park!

Hanna bear bffflae (best friend for life and Eva):ooooohhh K K be meet me at the swings in 30 mins xx


i chuckled at our texts and went downstairs to find my daddy! "hiiii dad!" i shouted

"hi so i was wondering if you would want to move in with me and the boys were getting a house together oh and i checked with your mum, and its okay so but i didnt know if you would want-"

"aahhhhh yyeeessss!!!!!" i interupted and brought him in to the biggest hug ever 

"uuurrrrrhhhhh whats all the screaming about?" louis said in a croaky voice but when he saw us huging he jumped into us and screamed "group hug!" and brought us in.

"oh dad by the way im going out with my best freind to the park and to get brekky so i need to go get ready!"

"K have fun" he said top kissing the top of my head.

i went upstairs to get dressed


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