Lost child

Caitlin-darcy styles or darcy is sick of telling people that shes not realated to harry styles but is that completely true??


4. meeting the boys

darcys pov

when we arrived home my dad told me we were going to see the boys so i went up stairs to get out of my school clothes.

i searched through all my clothes and picked out jeans and as a joke i decided to wear my sweater with pizza and doughnuts on that said niall loves food then slipped on my cream vans and tied my long hair into a pony tail.

"dad i'm reeaddyyyy!! i screamed as i jogged down the stairs "god child your loud!" he exclaimed grabbing his coat "WELL thank you daddy!" i said jokingly 

"strange child" he said under his breath laughing.

(skip car ride)

we arrived at a hotel and went in the elevator to the room the boys were staying in.We walked in the door and saw the boys slouched on the couch and Louis was eating carrots. "hi hazza" zayn said 

"who's this?" asked liam pointing to me "oh boys meet Darcy my daughter!" harry explained 

"harry you have a daughter why didn't you tell us?" Louis said through a mouth full of carots

"well i didn't know but i found saran today and found Darcy at her school and shes a directioner so she knows who you guys are!" my dad said making me blush "whos your favoirite love?" louis asked cheekily "uhh umm uh n- n- n -niall" i stuttered making me go bright red as well as niall.

i took of my coat revealing my sweater and nialls eyes went wide "like it?" i asked niall sitting on his knee "like it i love it!" he shouted i chuckled and we put on the tv.

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