Lost child

Caitlin-darcy styles or darcy is sick of telling people that shes not realated to harry styles but is that completely true??


3. catching up with dad


Harry's pov

"so child! how did you know i was your dad?" i asked with a puzzled face as we walked back to Darcy's mums house

"oh well obliviously our name is both styles i new you loved the name Darcy plus i look just like you durrr!"she smiled showing her deep dimples just like mine.

"oh yeah ha ha your dimples are just like mine!" i exclaimed   "but how did you know that i liked the name darcy?"

"uurrrrr?! she stuttered

"omg! ha ha your  a directioner! omg wait you fancy your own dad? eewww!" i said like an exited 3 year old

"well no my favorites Niall" she said dreamily

"well now hes your uncle Niall!"i told her

"well i guess then my love for him his crushed seen as he is my uncle !" she said a bit  disappointing

"well he isn't really a proper uncle but yeah you art e only 11 but he will love you!"

"yay!" she exclaimed just as we arrived at her house and i gave her a tight hug.

A/N hope that was better x told you i would update ! Question of the day: deosn't niall sometimes look like a little furby haha!



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