Lost child

Caitlin-darcy styles or darcy is sick of telling people that shes not realated to harry styles but is that completely true??


1. darcy

i'm  Caitlin-Darcy styles or Darcy, i hate my life i get bullied at school. oh and i'm a bit of a directioner!

i got of the bus with my hood up hoping i could pass the bullies without getting hurt, no look the main bully came up to me and punched me in the stomach "you think you could get away huh?"

"yeah dont ever try to escape!" another added kicking me to the ground.

"hey! get off her" i heard a deep voice say "go on go!" i saw a tall figure come closer as the bullies escaped.

"hey you okay?" 

"yeah um who are you?" 

"im harry styles"

"woah dad?"



then he tackled me in a big bear hug

A/N Sorry its probably realy boring :(

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