The Lost and Found (5SOS)

Charlie has never had a boyfriend and now she's twenty years old. She works at a nightclub and one night, luck shines her way in the most unexpected way. That night a grand adventure begins... Charlie just doesn't know it yet.


2. Chapter Two

Laura, one of my best friends, stood by the front opening getting the cash register ready.

“Hey love.” I said and pecked her cheek as I threw my bag on the ground and started getting numbers on the hangers.

“Hey you!” Laura exclaimed, “You ready for tonight? I think we’re going to be busy as hell.”

“Great. No, I’m really tired and feeling very pathetic too.” I said with a grin.

“Aw, honey. Well, let’s have coffee tomorrow and talk it out.” She said and smiled at me.

“Yeah, I’d like that. Just kind of need to get my mind off all of this.” I said back and finished with the numbers.

Soon enough a security guard came and unlocked the front doors and after about an hour people came rushing in.
Luckily my co-worker Ryan came just then and we were running around trying not to make the costumers wait for too long while we were joking and dancing around.



After a while the line started dying down and I decided that I should have time to smoke a cigarette.

“Ryan, I’m going to go smoke a cigarette. Is that cool?” I asked Ryan as he was sipping on a cup of warm coffee.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” He said and smiled. I grabbed a cigarette and a lighter from my bag and walked out into the cold. I stood there by myself just thinking when people started coming again. I put out my cigarette and headed inside.

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