The Lost and Found (5SOS)

Charlie has never had a boyfriend and now she's twenty years old. She works at a nightclub and one night, luck shines her way in the most unexpected way. That night a grand adventure begins... Charlie just doesn't know it yet.


3. Chapter Three

As I got inside both me and Ryan started running all over the place and as I was getting a jacket from some of our back rows I noticed someone in the front window, where Laura sat, standing in line waiting to pay. It was a guy, I didn’t know him and he wasn’t a regular. He had brown, almost black eyes and curly brown almost golden hair. He smiled at me as I passed the window and I cursed under my breath.

I always looked like shit when the cute guys came in and today was no exception. I continued to take jackets and give jackets and soon enough the brown haired brown eyed guy came into my view and took of his jacket. He was wearing a denim jacket with a zip up sweatshirt underneath. As I looked at him in my peripheral vision I saw that he was now wearing a black t-shirt that showed off his toned chest and arms.
                      Again I cursed under my breath. He was gorgeous and even though I knew that he probably didn’t find me pretty at all, I still liked to look good; and right now I probably looked like shit. I hadn’t seen myself in a mirror for about four hours, so I had no idea how I looked actually.


Just when I was about to take his jacket, an older, very drunk, man yanked me away almost making me hit the wall.
“Listen, I lost my number…” His speech was slurred as he leaned on the counter.

“Well, I can’t help you with that right now. You have to wait until we’re closed or come back tomorrow night.” I said back, a little harsh in my tone.

“NO!” He shouted. “You listen to me; I need my jacket now.” He continued yelling at me and I could see his fists clenched. I hated when costumers acted like that and it truly did piss me off. Usually I was a quiet girl, but when people acted like this I had no problem raising my voice.

“Now you listen to me!” I said with a loud stern voice making sure I had his attention and that I was not to be messed with. “YOU threw your number away; not my fault. So you either have to wait until we’re closed, come back tomorrow or I will call security and have them throw you out!” I looked him dead in the eyes. His fists were still clenched but he knew that I was being serious. The man threw his fists up in the air in defeat.

“Fine! I’ll wait!” He said and crossed his arms like a little child.

“Good. I’m glad.” I said and smiled sarcastically. “But you have to wait somewhere else; not by the counter.” I said sternly as I still watched him. He sighed deeply and went to stand by the wall.


In my head I felt like victory and I quickly grabbed a hanger to take the next costumers jacket.
                      And the next costumer just so happened to be the cute guy from before. I can’t believe that Ryan hadn’t taken his jacket. I’ll ask him about that later... I thought to myself.

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