My Dearest Angel

Matthew York was just ten years old when he met his friend Belle, she was beautiful but she disappeared; never to be seen again or so he thinks.

Seven years later Matthew is a senior in high school and the new girl, with skin white as snow, and hair like chocolate, and eyes the color of the morning sky. When he hears her name; without anyone speaking he knows that his dearest angel had returned to him.


1. Return of the Angel

Chapter One: Return of the Angel.





'Wake Up Matthew.'


I rolled over and stared at the projection clock my father had given me. I slapped it and it went black, I rolled out of bed and dressed precariously in a sweater and jeans. I pulled on my shoes, my favorite beanie and grabbed my back pack. 


"Bye mom." I hollered out before I shut the door behind me. I closed the door of my car and started the four minute drive to school. I refused to walk to school in temperatures that should be reserved for the meat freezers or summer air conditioning. I groaned when I had to turn off the heat and make the short trek to the school. I got out of the car and half ran to the front entrance of Lincoln High. I heard someone whisper;


"Belle is back''


I turned to see who had spoken but no one was there. I was stunned; Belle had been his best friend when he was ten years old; she had mysteriously disappeared one Christmas and had never returned. I kept walking, refusing to remember all the hurt filled years I spent mourning the loss of my friend. I loved Belle, even when I was just ten years old; now I hear someone-who wasn't even there say she was back? This is a nasty prank. Belle is dead, and she's not ever coming back. 


I reached my locker, and right next to it was a girl I had never seen before. She looked so familiar though.


"Hello, are you lost?" I asked her.


"Oh! Matthew?"


"Uh yeah, Matthew York and you are?"


"Belle Hawthorn; I used to live here."


"In this locker?" I joked, trying to ignore her last name. It was impossible. Belle Hawthorn is dead, how can this girl be her?


"No, silly in this town. I used to be your friend."


"You disappeared B, not me." I said putting in the combination for my locker.


"It wasn't my fault! I'm not a normal girl Matt, I have responsibilities I have to act on!"


"I know you do. You're the Christmas Angel. That doesn't give you the right to disappear for seven years."


"I'm sorry Matt."


"Sorry doesn't cut it B. I thought you were dead. You're parents thought you were dead. No note no explanation. Why the hell didn't you come back?"


"The Creator wouldn't let me, because you were falling in love with me."


"You knew! You knew and you didn't tell me?"


"Angels are forbidden to love a human Matt! I'd lose my wings and there's no angel to take my place!"


"Well you don't have to worry about that now, now will you?" I spat. I slammed my locker shut and stalked off. I could I forgive her? She wasn't kidnapped, or dead, she went off on her 'responsibilities' without even a goodbye, she was gone for seven years! Now she expects me to just forgive her? I sat down in my first class and sighed. My best friend; Sebastian looked at me with a worried expression.


"Dude, the bell rang like three minutes ago, where were you? You're never late."


"Guess who's not dead." I snapped.


"No way. Belle Hawthorn? She's back; where the hell was she?"


"Certainly not in Hell." I whispered back. I looked up to find the door opening again. I groaned, it was her. 


"God damn dude she's hot!" Seb exclaimed quietly.


"Well she's unattainable."


"Is she gay?"


"No, she's a nun."


"Are you serious?"


"Do I look like I'm joking?" I noticed the teacher talking intently with Belle, Mrs. Baxter looked directly at me and then at the seat next to mine. Great.


"Class this is Belle Hawthorn, she'll be joining us for the rest of the year. Belle dear you can sit next to Mr. York." 


"Dude, so much for avoiding her." Sebastian whispered.


"Yes, wish me luck." Belle took her seat and cast an award winning smile my way. I melted, I was mad at her yes, but I still loved her. She was my dearest angel; she had returned to me of all people. "Hey, I'm sorry about earlier."


"Its okay. I totally understand where you're coming from. By the way; I'm here for good. Norwich Falls has the most 'Scrooge' feelings in all of America. I was sent personally by the Son himself."




"Matt, if I could pursue a relationship, it would be with you. Until they find a replacement angel, I can't. Just know that I love you." she was quiet after her confession. I was stunned, she was looking for a replacement, so she could be with me.


"I love you, I never stopped loving you. I have someone in mind. She's pure, and absolutely loves the Holidays. Her name is Holly and she's an orphan with no real family plus she plans to become a nun anyway."


"Where can I find this Holly?" I looked over at Belle for the first time looking into her mistletoe green eyes, and ruby red lips, her soft glowing brown hair cascaded down her back in perfect waves. Microscopic slits hid where her wings would escape her clothing. She was gorgeous, and she was his.


"Holly is normally with the dance committee or the chorus room."


"Could you show me where those are?"


"Of course, after class is over though." Belle looked up at the clock and winked quickly seven times. The clock hands spun quickly until landing on the time the bell rang. The loud sound of the bell rang through the class room and the students and the teacher seemed equally surprised. Belle and I made our way towards the door. "How did you do that?"


"Angels have gifts Matt."


"Okay cryptic much?" I laughed as she laughed, she sounded like jingle bells, not the dollar ones at the store, real ones, the ones that go on sleighs and you would expect to hear on Christmas. 


"Sorry, I can't give out that information Mattie, not even to you." she smiled and took my hand. I led her to the chorus room first, and sure enough there was Holly Marc sketching none other than her depiction of the Angel of Christmas, who was standing right next to me.


"Hey Holly."


"Hey Matt, what's up." her eyes glistened with pure Holiday cheer. "Aren't you so excited for Christmas? Oh who's this?"


"This Holly, is Belle Hawthorn, I think you two might get along real well."


"Oh hello Belle, uh its nice to meet you."


"Same here, um I have an odd question."




"Uh, would you ever want to be an angel?"


"Oh my goodness yes! Especially the Christmas Angel oh she's my favorite." Belle smiled and looked at me. I nodded to continue.


"Well it just so happens there's a job opening up in Heaven."


"Are you kidding me?"


"No, I'm the Angel of Christmas. I can't lie, or kid, or prank."


"Prove it." Belle stepped away from me and unfurled her white as snow wings. I gasped at their beauty, they've really filled in the past seven years. I looked at Holly and she was dumbstruck.


"So, do you believe me now?"


"Oh yes I do. Where do I sign up?" 


"Come here," Holly got up and walked over to Belle. Belle took hold of her and they disappeared from sight, white balls of light floated up towards the ceiling and disappeared. I sat down and waited. I had free periods until ninth. I had time.



Belle's POV



We arrived in Heaven's Gates in seconds and Holly looked stunned, she looked at me and I had transformed from my school clothes to my Christmas Angel garb. 


"You are so beautiful, why do want to give this up."


"Love. Angels can't love." I looked away and continued. "You were the perfect choice, Matt told me your career plans and your love for the Holiday."


"Oh, I'm so honored. Do I still get to live with my parents?"


"That's up to you. I was born and placed with my parents. I come and go as I please, it hurts because I leave behind my friends."


"I think I'd want to cut them off cold turkey you know? Fake my death."


"When you become the Angel of Christmas your appearance will change. You will no longer look as you do."




"Follow me." I walked quickly, passing fellow angels as I did. They didn't really look up, they were jealous that I represented the Holy Son's birthday while they represented, Death, War, Poverty, Good Will, Sacrifice, and the like.  I entered the Grand Palace and Holly walked timidly behind me. The golden doors opened to reveal the throne that was hidden by clouds, no one knew what the Creator looked like, I was met by the Holy Son himself.


"Hello Belle, I trust you've found your replacement?"


"I have, Holly, meet the Holy Son."


"Oh goodness. Hello, I'm Holly Marc."


"I know, I believe you're the perfect choice. My father will see you momentarily." with that he disappeared into the cloud cover. 




"Thank you my almighty Creator. I have found the replacement. Holly Marc,"




"I understand."




"Thank you almighty Creator." a white light surrounded Holly and wings burst through her shoulders, she doubled over in pain, the wings sprouting straight through bone, muscle and skin. She screamed a loud human scream, that changed into what sounded like 'Hark, the Herald Sings.' She stood when it was over and whispered, "I will not disappoint you."




"Good bye almighty Creator, until next time."




"I understand."




"Goodbye." Holly stammered we shimmered out, and arrived in the chorus room seconds later, to find a sleeping Matt. "Matt!" He woke up by falling from the chair. 


"Hey your back. What time is it?"


"You missed all your classes dear."


"Ah shi-oot." Matt said, almost slipping into a swear.


"Its okay Matt. I can fix this." I winked at the computer, and the attendance for that day had been arranged to where Matt had been 'in' attendance for his ninth period class.


"Thanks for that. So is it done?"


"Yes, but I have to teach her the true meaning of Christmas."


"Uh, okay. Then what?"


"I keep my wings, I'm live my life with the one I love, they die, I live one forever, to always experience heartbreak."


"Oh my God."


"Its worth it Matt. I can be with you now. Forever,"

"Yea, but forever doesn't involve me remember? I don't live forever Belle."


"We'll live in the moment Matt. Please don't leave me."


"I won't; its just not fair. I thought the Almighty Creator was supposed to be forgiving!"


"Its a punishment Matt, I left the HCA okay, that doesn't go unpunished, be thankful I didn't end up like Lucifer!"


"Okay alright, Thank you for not punishing her further. I'm very happy." Matt yelled up at the ceiling. I couldn't help but laugh.


"I'll see you later, I have to teach Holly the true meaning of Christmas before tomorrow night."


"Merry Christmas Belle,"


"Merry Christmas," we said in unison before disappearing.



Matt's POV


I walked towards my car and drove home. It was cold, and I hated the cold. I returned home pondering the question that Belle had been tasked with. 'What is the true Meaning of Christmas?' Surely it wasn't presents, or Santa Claus, I thought it was about the pure love that the Holiday invoked in the world, how it brought families and enemies together. It was about giving everything you had to the ones you love and the ones you didn't seem to get along with.  


I got out of my car and the entered the house in which I grew up, a two story rustic looking bungalow with red shutters trimmed with the white snow, and brick walls and sidings. I stepped inside and shook off my clothes with all the snow. 


"Hey mom!"


"Yes dear?"


"Guess who I rekindled with today,"




"Belle Hawthorn."


"She's, she's alive, oh goodness, why didn't the Hawthorns call and tell me they found her?"


"I don't think they know themselves." I said smiling. 


"Well you're happy, I'm happy. She's home for the holidays. Hasn't that been your Christmas wish for seven years?"




"I take that as a yes."



Belle's POV


"Okay Holly, what do you think the true meaning of Christmas is?"


"Easy peasy, giving to others what they can't give themselves."


"Not bad, but no. The true meaning of Christmas is up for debate actually, the Holy Son, wants it to be about him, while the Creator wants it to be, and it is- to be about love, and coming together despite the many differences you may have."


"Whoa, that's deep. Really deep but I totally agree! Oh my goodness how did I not know that?"


"I think you're ready. Goodbye Holly. Good luck."


"Good luck Belle, and thank you. For everything. Take care of Matt won't you? He's stubborn as a mule at times, but he's the best friend I've ever had. Oh and tell Sebastian goodbye for me won't you?"


"Of course. Merry Christmas."


"Merry Christmas." I watched as she flew off into the night. I flew down back to Norwich Falls, I had to say hello to my parents. I was home for Christmas for the first time in seven years. I remembered on the last Christmas I was here, Matt had pulled me aside and whispered,


'You're my dearest angel Belle. I don't care who you are to the big man, down here you're mine.'


I smiled at the memory and settled down on the soft snow in front of my home. I rang up to the door, curled in my wings and walked in.


"Mom? Dad?"  A woman I knew to be my mother walked into the entry way and dropped the crystal bowl she'd been holding.


"Belle? Oh my goodness you're home! Michael! OH come quick! Belle is home oh she's home!"


"Hi mom, what did I miss?"


"Oh sweetheart, we missed you so much! Oh goodness yes, you have a sister! May, come meet your sister." A little girl of about five years old walked out of the kitchen, flour sprinkling her nose.


"Hello, you must be Belle. She's my favorite Disney princess."


"Oh, goodness you're so adorable." 


"May why don't you take your sister to her room."




Matt's POV


I stood in my room, holding an old picture of Belle and I, it was the Christmas before she disappeared and I had told her that she was my dearest angel, and she was mine down here. I knew what she had sacrificed to be with me, and I knew what Holly had sacrificed for us. I wasn't going to mess this up.








70 years later...


Belle's POV


I stood as young as I was seventy years ago, although a cloaking charm had hidden what I looked liked. My two grown daughters and their children stood at my side, my punishment had began... Matthew Jonathan York was buried six feet under, died of natural causes in his sleep. His last words before he feel into the never ending sleep was,


"Belle, you're my dearest angel. Forever and always." 


Tears slowly fell down my 'withered' face as the Priest relied what had been written, Matt's eulogy was beautiful, I had not been the one to write it, of course that credit goes to the current Angel of Christmas and Matt's high school best friend. I placed a single white rose on his casket, and let it be lowered into the ground.


"Good bye my one and only." I whispered to the disappearing form that was the box my husband would rest in for all eternity. "I love you." 


When everyone had departed and I was sure I was alone, I sat at the base of the gravestone, unfurled my wings and cried.  


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