Fallen angels

This is my entry for the third advent treat. It's a story about a young angel who falls in love with a human that she can never have


1. Falling

I was falling. I was falling so fast and so much. My dress whipped my face. I tried to stop, use my wings. Beat. Fall. Beat. Fall. And that's when I remembered that they were gone. I fell. I fell so far and so fast I almost forgot why I was falling. Almost. I was thrown out of heaven. Not for disobeying the Lord, no I am not that kind of angel. I was thrown out for not appreciating humans. So this is my punishment, leaving my home to live with humans, and when I begin to see what is good about them I can go home. Get my wings back. But until then I am stuck here. Great.

I landed in a strange land, a sea of grey. I raised my head to be greeted by a strange face gazing down on me, worried. The face was attached to a body, which extended it's hand. I brushed it off and lifted myself up, gracefully sweeping my silken brown hair over my shoulder. A charming smile was on his face. I felt my cheeks begin to warm. What was that? That had never happened before.. I smiled back, not shy anymore. “ His voice had a strange Scottish twang mixed with English. It was cute. His hair was set in a mass of tight black curls, the kind that looked so soft that you would want to touch them constantly. He had this really sweet superman style flick that sat on his tanned forehead. 

"What's your name?" he asked me. Name? What was a name? I didn't have one so I looked for inspiration from my surroundings. A women walked past us carrying a bag that read 'Rose'. 

"Rose?" I replied. He smiled that charming smile again. 

"Can I walk you home Rose?" 

"Ummm" Oh crap, what would I say? I hadn't prepared for this. "Yes." He extended his arm again and linked it with mine. My heart fluttered. Suddenly I didn't feel like I was falling anymore.

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