The Counciler

*Warning: Includeds sexual contact and abuse* Harry Styles was put in an Aslyum becuase he was framed by his farther. His farther called up the people and told them that he rapped people and had killed four missing girls. As Harry's a 'punk' the people find the story very convincing, they make Harry get a counciler every week but when Harry feels something a little more towards the counciler, Chloe Jane Nicole, he's to scared to make a move....


1. Chapter One

"Are you sure?" Louis asked me, "Are you really sure you want to take him out of here just so you can give him some counciling?" I nodded,

"He won't talk to anyone if thet're in here," Louis sighed,

"But, Chloe, he's killed four young girls and has rapped millions of people! Are you sure?" I nodded, confidently,

"Don't worry, Louis, I'll make sure his on best behaviour!" Louis sighed and gave me Harry's key.

"Fine. Just be careful!" I nodded,

"I will," I yelled as I began to walk to Harry's cell - cell 327 - I opened the door and Harry's head shot up. He looked at me and I smiled, "You must me Chloe.... My counciler," Harry said in an annoyed tone. I sighed,

"Look, Mr. Styles, you have to have councling - now come on," I told him, he eyed me suspiciously,

"What do you mean - come on?" He asked,

"We're doing councling at my house, your welcome," he smiled and got up off of the old meatle bed and followed me. "Hey, Chloe?" He asked, I turned my head so I could see him. "Arn't you scared of me? I mean I was frammed for being rapped and murdering three people," I looked at him suspiciously,

"Frammed?" He nodded, "OK, well, we'll talk about that later..." I told him, he nodded and carried on walking. We pasted Louis on the way, "Be carefull!" Louis yelled, Harry froze in his tracks.

"Harry!" I snapped, "Don't, if you want to get out for a couple of hours then cary on walking," he did as I said and we both got into the car. Harry sighed, it was a sigh of relife. "I never thought I'd see the light again!" He moaned, I laughd,

"So tell me - you say you where frammed?" I asked, he nodded,

"Yeah, my dad frammed me. My dad was a rapist and he killed two thirteen years olds and one ten year old." He told me, I stopped at a traffic light,

"Do you have any prof?" I asked, he shrugged,

"At my house we had security camra's my dad didn't know about...." I nodded, "He made the murders there," I nodded,

"Well, as long as you have proof that's all we'll need," there was a sudden silence and I began to think about how uncomftabal it must be to sleep on a meatle bed all night - properly not even able to sleep at all. And thinking that - as if on cue - Harry yawned, "Harry?" I asked,

"Hmm," he said,

"If I let you go to sleep - on a comftabal bed - you have to say that me did a counciling session, OK?" I asked, he sounded pretty happy when he replied.

"Yes!" He almost hissed, we got a few stares from people when we got out of the car - Properly because I was with Harry Styles who was put into an aslyum at the age of nineteen! Most people around here though are used to it, I've brought back a cereal killer before. He's now getting on with life - acting like he never killed anyone. He's pretty well known now as well - not for doing bad stuff but helpping little kids and poor familys. Harry walked into my house, me following behind. "The bedroom is just around there," I said and pointed towards a door, he nodded and smiled at me,

"Thanks, Chloe?" He asked, I nodded, "How can you do this?" He asked,

"I just grew up doing it," he looked at me confused,

"What do you mean?"

"My mum and dad where drug takers and dealers, my dad rapped seven people when I was thirteen and my mum killed ten people when I was sixteen," Harry looked really shocked,

"Yeah - people think you're bad," Harry laughed, "Well - go get some sleep," I said and smiled. He smiled back at me and walked into the room.

Harry was strange, he wasn't like the other pacients, he has proof that he's been framed. Not to self - Go around the Style's house. I sat on the sofa and listened to Harry's faint snores in the back ground. I smiled before driffing off to sleep myself...

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