The Glimmer Games

This is the story of the hunger games, told from Glimmer's point of view. The tribute from District 1 will be the main character in this story. You have read the games from Katniss point of view, but what if you found out how Glimmer felt. Stay tuned to read this story. Some points are from my own point of view, so please don't comment saying that I have got wrong. Thank you :)


1. The Day of the Reaping

We prepare for this day from the moment that we are old enough to pick up a sword. The reaping. Although we undergo years of intense training, we are never fully prepared for the day. 

I shake as I pick my best outfit, I want to look my best when I volunteer. My hands shake as I button up the shirt. 
"Glimmer." I hear my mothers voice softly calling out to me. 

"Mother." Although I appear to be an evil girl, motivated by killing, I have always treasured the time I spent with my parents. 

"I always knew this day would come." She says, opening the door. "Just be careful, and kill anyone who gets in your way." 

I nod, although something inside me breaks, knowing my mother can tell what my reaction will be to any enemies, knowing that she aware of my capabilities. 

The reaping is much like any other year, except this year, I am a lot more aware of the people looking at me. They scan my face for any trace of fear, but I don't show them that I am terrified. I scowl at the people who give me menacing stares. 


I turn to see my best friend, Harley, pushing his way through the crowd. 

"Harley." I grab his hand, and then think better of it. I am supposed to be a brave, strong girl. People like me don't rely on boys. 

"Stay strong, I'll be right here when you get back." 

I nod . Although I have never told him, I love the way he looks at me, it's like no one else. He understands who I am inside and although I wouldn't dare admit it today, I have always loved him. 

"Good luck, my shining star, shine bright in that arena." he whispers before turning around and walking away. 

I want to call after him, tell him how I feel but seconds later he is swallowed up by the crowd. 

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